Time to get tough on illegals

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chev, Nov 18, 2008.

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    How might U.S. illegal immigration policy change if U.S. unemployment and the economy seriously worsen? ​
    In the U.S. millions of illegal Immigrants now work in manufacturing, construction, restaurant, and hospitality service jobs. The U.S. national unemployment rate is approximately 6.1%. Several U.S. Cities are experiencing higher unemployment as the U.S. financial crisis reaches “Main Street.”

    How might U.S. illegal immigration policy change if U.S. unemployment and the economy seriously worsen? It is foreseeable that at some point—Americans will demand that President Obama take action to ensure that U.S. jobs are not taken by illegal aliens, jobs U.S. Citizens need to feed their families. Consequently it might not be the Congress that decides the future of illegal immigrants but a failing U.S. economy that forces millions of illegal aliens to return to their country. They are contributing to the unemployment problem.

    If the U.S. Economy keeps “contracting” it is foreseeable millions of laid-off workers and other U.S. Citizens will demand that employers who illegally hire illegal immigrants be aggressively prosecuted

    Compare past U.S. unemployment: in November and December of 1982 near the end of a bad recession that was small compared to the current U.S. financial crisis, the U.S. unemployment rate reached 10.8 percent. After the Great Depression began in 1929 U.S. unemployment remained constant at about 14.4 percent for ten years: several U.S. Cities experienced 25% unemployment. Then as the economy worsened, economic production plummeted to over 50 percent especially in the durable manufacturing sector.

    IMO it is time to round them up and toss them back over the fence. They have no rights in this country and no right to be here.
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    not gonna happen. neither party wants to anger the latino/mex population. it seems like many of them vote at least once.

    what one does need to do is to be able to tax the money that they make. hundreds of billions each year sent back to mexico without ever paying a cent in taxes.

    btw, that income going into mexico is the largest income for them, even more than produce and oil.

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    My husband read an article that stated a lot of illegals are leaving the US due to lack of work. Cheaper to live in Mexico than here.

    My thoughts were send back the illegals, and give their jobs to the unemployed. Might not be the best paying jobs or desirable jobs, but at least it would be something. Although not sure how much unemployment benefits may vary from state to state.
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    Actually the downturn in the economy has sent a lot of illegals back home as the money making prospects have soured. Several weeks ago, our local news covered this subject and even interviewed local immigration advocates and they've noticed a marked drop. Money transfers to Mexico have also dropped dramatically.

    The way I understand it, Bush has decided before leaving office that he would get tough on illegals. His first step was "adjustments" in the economy and especially the home building market. What do you think of his idea? From all indication it seems to be working so maybe Bush will have something of a positive legacy afterall!


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    During the last Great Depression over 100,000 were deported just to open up jobs for Americans. Some thing called the American Railroad was built in Mexico just to transport all those deportees not just to the border , but deep into Mexico.

    Old idea that could still work today.