Top UPS Management "Doing as they Say"

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    In contrast to the US Automakers flying to Washington in their private jets or Obama flying to Denver to sign the stimulus bill, UPS top management held our cost down for the Annual Managers meeting.
    Scott Davis had them combine it with the last Quarterly Board Meeting in Atlanta and no one flew in for the meeting.
    They participated by conference call if they could not drive to the meeting.
    I was very impressed with this level of real leadership that saved the company millions of dollars and showed top management was living by the same standards that they are asking everyone else to adhere to.

    What have you seen in your area where management is showing leadership by doing as they say?
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    Well, I just heard from a top local source (since I'm sitting home on dis right now), that our local district, to avoid paying additional state tax on tractors that are only used in-state just towed a tractor approximately 120 miles to a border to be driven another 20 or so miles across state lines to show that it's used "interstate". But wait, (as Billy Mazing would say) there's more.

    That tractor had to be towed back to its home domicle and replace on the hook with another tractor that's only used in-state and repeat the process.

    Saving money? Yeah, I really applaude the conference call.
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    Sounds like another example of UPS stepping over a dollar to save a dime. Here they aren't really doing much. They try to hold everyone to 9.5 but after a couple days of missed packages on half a dozen routes (we only have 15 routes here), they end up paying out 11.5 hour days to get everyone caught up.
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    I look at this as very positive. The only issue i have is that I am reading about it here instead of the business page. It would seem that this type of information would have a good impact on our stock price. A company that makes these kind of decisions is a company that is not as likely to make the decisions Detroit is making right now (bankruptcy or slow death)
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    OK, I know that you have something to say...must be something got your tongue?
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    Very insightful.:happy-very:
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    Couldn't, have said it better myself.
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    I agree with JD...UPS mgt is cutting routes while packing the crap out of surviving routes.I'm running more stops, planning to much less hours on paper than ever before...

    The morale is at an all-time low.....Hey, it's in God's hands.i just do the best I can do..
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    hope ups buys back it better before they went public...although i know they had to in order to grow here and mostly over seas....just liked how things ran back then.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    I guess those day are gone forever.
    Its hard to decide what is important to hold onto when your eyes are on the horizon.
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    The IPO raised what? 5 billion? I think they could have come up with that without the IPO.
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    At least, that is the way it happens in my small niche of UPS.
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    Not much,
    they only
    try and meet the morning numbers handed down by the DM.
    It just becomes a game of musical chairs.Drivers are over dispatched, call the center for help. Drivers swap stops, cell phone each other and make it work

    And that, my freind, is why it never will change.
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    Do you know a way to make UPS change?
  16. satellitedriver

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    Working as directed. They say swap, we swap.
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    Drewed couldn't find the appropriate response in his "Manager's Cliff Notes" and was forced to think on his own, hence the response "...."
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    We had our local panel on thursday at the union hall. Management usually all eat lunch together and discuss the cases, but this thursday they broke up into groups and sat seperate. There must be a included gratuity for parties of 6 or more! Way to save on the 15% tip! lol