Traficant Returns

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    Traficant Returns

    Posted by J.H. Huebert on February 23, 2010 10:13 PM

    How great that Jim Traficant has announced that he will run for his old Congressional seat! And as an independent, not as a Republican or Democrat, since those parties are, as he rightly puts it, just “tinkering with the same mechanisms that have failed.”
    Traficant is far from perfect on the issues, but what he lacks in substance, he makes up for in his anti-state style — and especially in his desire to go after both parties, the IRS, the FBI, the Fed (he wants to abolish the Fed) and all the other true criminals in Washington. And although he regrettably endorses the “FairTax,” note that he (like Walter Williams) calls for repeal of the 16th Amendment as a precondition.
    I’ve previously written of my (probably excessive) appreciation for Traficant in “Was James Traficant the Worst Crook in Congress?” and “Heroic James Traficant Freed.”