Tragedy in Texas

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    This is a very sad story. A father and his son were enjoying a Texas Rangers ballgame in what appeared to be very good seats, first row bleachers right by the railing. Josh Hamilton, the Rangers All-Star first basemen, tossed a foul ball up in to the stands in the general direction of the father, who leaned over the railing to try to catch the ball. He lost his balance and, despite the efforts of a fan sitting next to him, fell over the railing on to a thinly protected concrete surface. He was injured but coherent, asking about his son, who was brought down to see his Dad. The father passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital from cardiac arrest. I cannot begin to imagine the grief the son is going through at this time. Very sad.
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    I heard about this last night on the news. How very sad. Prayers to the family.
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    Very sad indeed.
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    The Brownwood (Texas) Bulletin identified the man as Shannon Stone, a lieutenant in that town's fire department and a fireman for 18 years.
    Athletics reliever Brad Ziegler(notes) was in tears after the game when he found out the man had died.
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    I saw this happen at an Indians/Ranger game there last year. I've heard that it has happened several times in the past at that stadium. Maybe it's time to check the railings around there.

    Very sad, indeed. One can only wonder how Hamilton feels after that.
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    This happens more than you think in our ballparks. A tragedy indeed.

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    The rails in some sections at Comisky are tempered glass. I`ve seen a few close calls over the years. People just get caught up in the excitement and lose focus on how far they`re leaning out.