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    I was aplanning on transferring to a different hub. I talked with a Hr representative and they advised me that transfers are given to part-time employees who are enrolled in school. What I was wondering is how they verify that someone is enrolled in school? Do they ask for a copy of the class schedule? Is this dependent on the individual Hr employee?
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    I don't know what their method to verify schooling is, but if you try to screw them and get a transfer without schooling, they'll get you.
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    Yes they are going to have to prove that you are enrolled classes in a school in the area that you want a transfer to. Someone from UPS might even call the school to make sure. There also must be an opening in the building your want to move to and the manager of that building must accept you.
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    sign up for a course, go through with the course, then drop out. ( if you don't have interest in going back to school)
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    Go to and type "ptueet" into the search bar. Click the link and it has all the information you need. You have to have been with UPS for at least a year, and yes, you do need proof of enrollment. As someone else said, if you transfer and don't go to school and they find out, they'll fire you. I transferred to the building I'm in now and it took me about 4 weeks from the date I submitted my paperwork to the date I transferred.