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    I thought this was a strange story. Weren't the dogs on leashes?? If not, how irresponsible !!

    Travolta's 2 dogs killed in Maine airport accident

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    BANGOR, Maine – A service vehicle at Maine's Bangor International Airport has struck and killed two dogs owned by John Travolta.
    The city says the accident happened after an airplane carrying members of Travolta's family landed early last Thursday and the dogs were being walked. The city issued the statement after the Bangor Daily News newspaper confirmed the accident through an e-mail from the city manager to the City Council.
    A Travolta spokesman hasn't returned a telephone message left Monday seeking comment.
    The "Saturday Night Fever" and "Pulp Fiction" actor is an accomplished pilot who often flies to Bangor while en route to his home on Islesboro, off the Maine coast. It's unclear whether he was in the cockpit the night his dogs died.
    Airport Director Rebecca Hupp says her deepest sympathies are with the Travolta
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    The gossip was that at 48, Kelly was too old to conceive and that the 'baby bump' was fake and that a surrogate was used. This was based somewhat on prego pictures showing ONLY belly growth and no other changes in her arms, face, etc.

    The story says the baby was born in an undiclosed hospital location.....hmmm!
    Euther way, John's bi !!