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    Hi, hopefully someone can explain or help me what to do. I have been working with UPS for three years and driver helper for 5. Back in October there was openings for seasonal driver, which I signed up for(because i do want to become a driver). only 4 people signed up including me, one guy that signed up already went to driving school, the other was already going because of being air driver, and the other had lower senority than me. The day that they were supose to take it down it was still four, then I find out a few more signed up which were all lower than me, execpt one. that one was signed the same day i did, but come to find out his date was a day before me. This is the first problem, what do i do or is there anything i can do? The second thing i'm not understanding is why no one from my center got to go to driving school for this job opening? We had 2 guys go but it was for an air driver opening, I just got really frustrated by not get to go again, would there be reason why just so they don't send me? I have a great recored there i show(on time never late) up do my job and only called off once because i was stuck in my home because of snow.It just seems like they gave me the run around, they were going to send a guy with 11 months and a guy with only a year over me, this frustration has caused me not to driver help this year.I just don't know what to do. :dissapointed:
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    Any one can sign the list. Has anyone with less seniority than you gotten a driver job other than a peak ( seasonal position)? Have you had any driving infractions in the last year?

    You need to read your contract and see what it says about driver hired for peak and what it says about seniority. In my area PT can't drive except for a few that do sat air.

    All are peak (seasonal) drivers are outside casual drivers.
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    If this guy is driving and your not than you have a grievance. If he's not than I hope you feel better getting it all out. That's what everybody is here for. Go ahead and be a driver helper though.
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    Wait until the next bid sheet goes up. Maybe you will have enough seniority then.
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    I never had any driving issues, no ticket no accidents. Our sheet said you have to be there atleast one year. Nobody at all got that job. They sent 2 guys but it was for air driving, not seasonal. Thanks for your responces.