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    hi everyone, its been awhile since ive been here. i hope everyone is dealing with the snow safely......I have a question regarding the earn and learn program at UPS. i have decided to go back to school and want to work at UPS part time and take advantage of the tuition assistance program. I searched for the package handler jobs under the earn and learn program and there were none. my questions are

    if i am a PT package handler in a Earn and Learn location, do i automatically qualify or do i have to be hired under the specific Earn and Learn Program to receive its benefits?


    Do i need to have seniority to get these benefits?

    on the website it states that students are eligible the day hired (at a prorated rate), so is all i need to do is get a job at one of these locations and enrole in some courses? is there anything i need to know or do other than get the job?

    thanks for the help.
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    My experience is from 2008 at Denver hub but you are eligible the day of hire. I can't comment whether other locations have the same policy or not. This is not a union contractual agreement but just a bonus provided for by UPS to college bound PT workers.