tuition reimbursement


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Does anyone know how UPS tuition reimbursement works for full time drivers? Is it 100%? Is it less than that? I thought I had heard that they would pay 100% up to 5k a year.


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It is 100%.I believe you have to pay up front,get a C or better and you will get a check about 2 months after submitting your grades. You will have to pay it back if you quit within two years of completing classes.

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You guys are lucky to have tuition reimbursement. We don't have it because we are so small and have a VERY low turnover. We'll have one person quit maybe once every year. But of course the part-time sups get it and we don't. I really wish we had it because I want to go to a small technical or community college so I can be trained to be a surgical tech or something else medical. UPS pays much better than most of those jobs but I seriously doubt you have to work until you are 65 to retire. I plan on sticking it out at UPS but I would like sort of a "Plan B" just in case. I don't really have to have tuition reimbursement but I really don't want a school loan lingering around later either.

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UPS has been making changes to the tuition program, look on UPSers main page online and click on more headlines. Down toward the bottom of the list you will see the info. The are adding more locations to the earn to learn program. IF you don't work in a earn to learn location there is another program that pays a little less. Check it out