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    I had to have a CSA do some work on a package recently and got a real earful from the 1-year employee,who was none too happy with FedEx. Originally thrilled to get a job with FedEx, it didn't take long for reality to hit home. Here are a few of her "issues":

    1. No retirement plan

    2. Pressured to work FT hours and be "flexible", even though she's PT and a new Mom.

    3. Pay progression. This woman is very knowledgable, degreed, and excellent with customers. In other words, exactly who you would want as a CSA. It pisses her off to be making far less than everyone else, even though she does just as good a job. Sound familiar?

    4. Incompetent/lying Management. She couldn't believe how poorly most managers were organized, how they consistently lied to both customers and employees, and their general incompetence. She was especially upset with the CSA Manager, who was worthless.

    5. Tuition Refund. This is a new one, but apparently the company has tightened-up Tuition Refund to the point that it's unusable for many employees. The CSA didn't specify why she had been denied, just that the company wouldn't pay for night classes that directly pertained to her job.

    6. Crap Insurance. She didn't like CIGNA, and had already had problems with Anthem/Blue Cross over a trip to the specialist. Guess what? Request denied, after many minutes on the phone getting the runaround from Anthem.

    7. Dealing with incompetent Customer Service employees from throughout the FedEx system.

    Anyway, I ran out of time and had to hit the road. I didn't solicit her opinion, and didn't offer my own...I just listened. Amazing.
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    Why would anybody bitch about healthcare in the US ?
    On other threads, they consider it to be the best in the world !

    Besides, point #1 and maybe #6, no difference at UPS.
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    I thought that you Canucks had the world's best healthcare, not us. I'm confused, eh?
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    All you can tell her MFE is Welcome to FedEx.
    It absolutley amazes me how the general public thinks we have it so good, alot of the public is snowed on the way this company operates. The assume we make the bucks that the UPS drivers make and have the benefits they do. When I tell them I am not even a employee you can see a look of disbelief in their eyes. I tell you if I had a dollar for everytime a customer said I bet you make a ton in overtime Id be a rich man. I usually tell them no my 8 hours was over awhile ago right now I am working for free.
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    8 hours? 8 hour days ended shortly after Reagan took office. What kind of fantasy land are you living in?
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    Not going to turn this thread into yet, another healthcare debatte.
    The Americans have spoken : They do not wish to have national healthcare, and Canadians don't ever want to go back to private healthcare. Simple as that.

    But, my last roommate was a fedex express driver. She loved her job. Yes, she got paid a little less then I did (hourly), but she was home by 6pm the latest.
    She still had a life and loved her job.

    She told me she would never do my job, I left earlier then she did, and never got home before 8pm.
    Besides that, we met on route a few times, I showed her my fully loaded P700 truck.
    She really never would want to work for UPS.

    In the meantime, she moved back to Calgary, to get her former fedex job there. She liked it much more then the fedex job in Edmonton.

    So, I got nothing bad to say about fedex, but I do understand express is a whole different division then ground.
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    A salary is based on a 8 hour work day the more I work the less I get paid if it comes down to below minium wage I am then legible for overtime. If I work 40 hours that week but only work 4 days I should still get my full check. If you are promised a salary based on 40 hours a week as long as you work that 40 you should get your full check according to the labor board.

    The plane the plane oh no its just a Express driver welcome to fantasy Island I am your host Mr. Roarke
  8. bbsam

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    Your salary was based on a 40 hour work week? Did you get that in writing?
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    Why yes I did
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    Good for you. How's that workin' for ya?
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    Furhtermore Sam a salaried employee gets paid based on a 40 hour work week If I work more fine however if it falls below minimum wage you have 2 choices pay overtime or get me off the clock before I hit those hours. So yes Ground says we can drive 70 a week however if the pay dosent add up to the actual work time you owe me overtime. Id expect you to know this being a business owner. :peaceful:
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    Pretty damn well actually this is why I dont wait for pickups I dont care what time the old fedex sales rep says I will be there. You pay for 8 you get 8 period.
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  14. Mr. 7

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    Well, if most of the CSAs around the country are as seemingly dumb as the ones I see on Frontline videos, we've already dug our grave.
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    That's fine. I just don't know why you're always bitchin' around here. You have an agreement for 8, you work eight, you get paid for eight. All is fine. What's the problem? So what if the company bitches. That's for the contractor to worry about.
  16. bbsam

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    Never an issue for me, so I don't worry about it.
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    Being a bright person she realizes she'll never do as well as those with much more seniority because the system is set up to take advantage of her. It started taking advantage of her as soon as she walked through the door to inquire about a job, leading her to believe she had a future at FedEx. She's far enough along now to know that's not so and what's expected of her is more than her compensation is worth. So does a young, bright person sacrifice her future for the good of the company? Not likely.
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    Can you relay this message to FedEx management they think they run us it is very apparent in the morning when you go in and there always coming down on the drivers not the contractors for something. Send out a memo letting all FedEx management know that if they have a problem go to the contractors after all we are not employees of Ground but that of Joe Schmoe Trucking.
  19. Mr Fedex

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    Isn't she a new hire?Doesn't a new person who is hired at a job make less than everyone else because ,umm maybe because she is NEW?????
    So lets get this straight.Some lady gets hired at FedEx and she is already complaining that she makes less than everyone else.I give her 2 weeks the most before she quits or gets fired.Shes better off staying home and collecting welfare.
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    As a matter of fact, I probably could. Just need to know what terminal you're at.