U.P.S. Plans to Cut 1,800 Jobs

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    U.P.S. Plans to Cut 1,800 Jobs - New York Times

    United Parcel Service said on Friday that it would cut 1,800 management and administrative jobs as it repositioned itself for a gradual recovery.

    About 1,100 employees will be offered buyouts, which are meant to streamline the company’s small-package segment in the United States. Other cuts will come through attrition and layoffs. The small-package segment represents roughly 60 percent of the company’s annual revenue. It handles shipments of up to 150 pounds by ground and air.
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    aot's at cach getting buy outs
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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum... I have been with UPS for 13 years as a UPSer and a few as a temp.. More cuts??
    Does anyone know??? Rumor is more cuts? more realignments?
    I don't think we are being told the truth...I think UPS knows who is losing there jobs next... What have any of you ( non-union) Admin employees been told????
    I just looking for what anyone else knows..... I think just being told your site is being looked at next, and not to worry, is an unfair statement...
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    Word is that the bloodletting begins again next week.
    The best thing is to get it over with so the company and people left can recover.