union dues havent been deducted out of my paycheck since I made probation.

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    How do I get this corrected. I know that the union has to protect me regardless, by federal laws. But I want to pay union dues. How do I get this corrected?
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    Call your local. The number will be on the Union Bulletin board. You'll end up paying sooner or later anyway, this helps you from being delinquent.
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    Don't you worry your little head, they'll make sure to hit you up for every red cent you owe them.

    I didn't get dues or initiation fees taken out until... some time earlier this year, I believe. I've got a thread about it because the situation was so :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty. "Retroactive Union Dues and Initiation Fee" I believe it's called, or at least something along those lines. Point being I was hired August of last year and it took me at least 5 months of being in the union to start paying for the privilege.

    If you want to pay then there's no problem, you'll start losing about $40-$50 a paycheck once you start getting bi-weekly initiation fees retroactively taken from a paycheck that you'll be paying union dues out of. It's a god damned set-up is all it is.
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    ^^I like how you found a picture of a troll in brown. Nice little touch, even if you didn't draw the thing.
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    I just called the local number that's on the local 804 website, the lady asked for my ssn, and I told her that I don't feel comfortable giving that info over the phone, then she said she can't check it for me then hanged up.

    The number is ########

    Do you think its secure to give my ssn to them?
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    sorry 407...kid, call 516-867-5309 and give Jenny your social, she'll fix everything!! :whew:
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    I heard the union heard he was thinking about management and don't want him as a member.
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    I take it your parents did a lot of rescuing you when you forgot things and didn't let the natural consequences of your choices play its role in raising you. Just an observation...not a knock. The union will take their dues and catch up and wipe out at least 1 or 2 of your paychecks if you don't get something set up soon. If you're not comfortable giving your ss over the phone, what's the next logical step for you to take?