Union Dues?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rdwarrior, Jul 20, 2003.

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    A legitimate debate is akin to a chess match, while content-free petty bickering serves no purpose whatsoever. I don't think anyone is impressed and is probably totally bored out of their mind, like myself. I still like to think the Brown Cafe is above the mind-numbing arguments about nothing. My vote is for civil discussions.
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    "dammor I really don't care what you have to share with me. You jumped into a conversation that was nothing more than some good natured joking and tried to make something completely different out of it. The fact you align yourself with the very immature Kid shows where your head is at. The conversation I directed at him is extremely appropriate for his maturity level."

    Tieguy, Why is it that you are so comfortable living in the same maturity level that you critcize so?

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    I know it helps you perk up after a "tiring" day. Hell we are on this thread talking about one thing and you jump in and start talking about something completely different. I'd say your ability to comprehend simple conversation is right at that level.
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    "Perhaps Cheryl can direct you to a new message board called Romper Room? Perhaps Mommy will change your Di Di, give you a fresh bottle and help you to feel better about yourself."

    Tie, my next goal in life at this point is to
    be just like you. Who knew that after 23 years at UPS that I could be inspired by an upbeat person such as yourself. I'm not even "tired" and hot anymore. Thanks so much. The management here would get a drift of you and you would be gone long before you could insult anyone. Sorry I jumped in on a fun conversation, but as I said, I have kept up with the conversations and I must say you enjoy a battle. Mine is over with you. Have a good weekend.
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    Considering the fact that you keep referencing a conversation that you were not involved in I'm not sure what your point is? Are you saying Kid cannot defend himself and you therefore had to ride in on your white horse and save him? Your original post again ( pay attention this time) had absolutely nothing to do with the post you responded to. The post you responded to was some good humored joking. You then appeared to jump in and decide it was time to discuss your love for your present managment team and discuss your dislike with my management style. This post was totally completely out in left field to the conversation that was taking place at the time. Perhaps you can understand what I am saying "this" time and explain this bizarre behavior?