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  1. You got to be kidding. Post something here not just a link.
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    Unlike Princess I took the time to click on the link and have to admit I was not that impressed. Did you have one of your kids write the text? If this is the first impression members will have of your slate it is not a very good one.

    I will comment on the information about the NYS Teamsters Pension Fund, which is my pension fund. Some of the information is misleading. We never had 25 and out for the full timers. We did lose some of the ancilllary benefits with the 30 and out. Schedule E was adopted. As was stated this was the most generous plan. The only thing that changed is that we now have a minimum retirement age (55) with 30 years of service for a normal pension, which is about $5,200/month. Yes we are losing our next four split raises, including the one we should have received 8/1/10. These will be diverted to the pension. The contribution from UPS will remain the same--the difference will be made up by our split raises. The plan trustees feel that this corrective measure will turn the fund around. Let's hope so.
  3. Upstate I did click on it. I just feel if your going to use this forum for politics don't just put a link. People have been asking them what the slate is and what they are going to change. If you want people to know don't just put a link. I read the link it's just not my job to paste it here. I agree with you about first impression is not a good one. Thanks for clearing up the details about NYS Teamsters Pension Fund.

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  4. I seen the ballot and yes Mark Timlin the person who started all the hub bub on this site about the "time for a change 177" slate. The person who stood up and screamed at a general meeting and also in this forum that he was not running is running. He is independent, it seems that the time for a change people must have told him he could run with them. Then took it back. Well anyway I get a e mail from him today about Local 2727 winning the turkeys and awards back. From what I read it's for EVERYONE's getting it not just 2727. It's corp wide. Well here is his "vote for me speech". IE why is only 2727 getting a turkey should we not all get the turkey?

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    From: "Mark"
    Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 10:00 am
    Subject: Turkey's and Service Awards coming Back?????

    September 14, 2010: UPS Teamsters in Local 2727 will get a turkey this Christmas season, and they will get their annual safety and length-of-service awards, thanks to a grievance their local just won.
    But will all the rest of us get the same benefits?
    That question can only be answered by our International Union officials, including hall and James Hoffa. Why is it that one local can win what they apparently can’t with the whole power of the International Union?
    When UPS management took away these established benefits in 2009, Local 2727 took action on a grievance, and has now won the arbitration. Can our International Union do the same?
    Local 2727 represents 1,200 aircraft mechanics who service UPS planes. They are under a separate contract covering just their local, and it does have different contract language.
    The UPS national contract has a “maintenance of standards” clause in the supplemental language which reads “The employer agrees that all conditions of employment relating to wages, hours of work, overtime differential and general working conditions shall be maintained at not less than the highest standards in effect at the signing of this Agreement…”
    Local 2727 members will get their benefits restored, and be made whole for the past year, when UPS stripped away this established past practice in violation of the contract.
    The same should happen for all UPS Teamsters.

    Vote Mark Timlin For Business Agent Local 177



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  6. Thank you Red for showing me that link.