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    When i was working.. I was told that a Non-union worker cannot help a Union worker doing the job
    something that Non-union worker cant work with a union worker at the same time or something like that
    is this true ?
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    I can't cite anything specific, but it sounds about right.

    Here is how the union would view it. A non-union worker (AOT, Sup, Temp) would essentially be taking work away from a union worker if they were to help or work alongside a union worker. This is the basis of why unions are formed, so that union workers will have their jobs protected from being taken by others. I don't know if there is specific language in the contract regarding non-union employees helping union employees, but I image it would fall under the same article about supervisors working.
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    Does this mean that all the Xmas helpers that volunteer their time from management to come down to the hubs and help on the trucks are actually breaking the rules? We would need more people on staff and trained for the holidays without them.
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    Yep. File a grievance.
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    This can be looked at two ways. If a random non-union worker happened by as you were struggling with a package and no one else was around to help you,and they gave you a hand and then continued on there way thats one thing,a courtesy. If it`s where it`s a regular thing instead of having enough workers to do the job,it`s another.
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    Absolutely correct. the union has specific language in the contract that tries to discourage teamwork whenever possible....:)
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    Tie seems to forget that the contract was a mutually negotiated agreement between UPS and the Teamsters, and that UPS and the Teamsters both endorsed the contract and asked rank and file to vote for it. I think Tie is really smart enough to know that the Union doesn't control the language of the contract, he just can't help himself and has to put a bitter, mean sounding management tilt on everything.

    In reality, in a lot of states, like the one I work in, there are some workers that don't belong to the union. I don't particularly like that situation, but it's where I live. Those workers drive trucks, load trucks, and in fact, assist union workers doing the same job next to them. A lot depends on where you work.
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    No it tries to protect union jobs so that sups don't do half of the work and then lay people off.
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    Actually the agreed upon language in the contract signed by both the union and the company, but that is not what I want to speak about.

    We always hear the word "Teamwork". At a paid by the hour job, Teamwork actually keeps you from making the most amount of money. I look at it this way. In football, the winning team gets a trophy, a ring, and a bonus. Until UPS starts handing out championship rings, trophies, and bonuses for "Teamwork", I will continue to be a "Single Bargaining Unit".:wink2:
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    :happy2: I couldn't have said it better myself.
    A few months ago I was complaining that a supervisor (who was from out of town overseeing the sort) was helping a union member load a truck. Eventually the supe came and talked to me about it, she asked me how would I like it if someone didn't show up on time and I ended up having to do their work. I told her I would be fine with that, seeing how i'm getting paid by the hour more time for me! She wasn't too happy.. lol