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    I was hired on 10/4/2011. When I went through the class they told me to get my seniority it was 70 working days or 90 calendar days. I was layed off today. 94 calendar days later. Do I have seniority or was I lied to? Do I have union status? thanks for any help
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    Making Seniority may work a little differently from one region to another. Tell us what area you are in, or what regional Contract Supplement you are under.

    Check your Supplement's Seniority article for details. Especially since being hired during October-November-December is usually different than at other times of the year.
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    I never got a suplements seniority article. phoenix az
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    Sounds like you fall under the Western Regional Supplement. Other posters from that area can help you.

    Are you part-time?

    You are formally in the Union when you have paid your Initiation Fee in full, and are up-to-date on your monthly dues.

    You work under the Contract's provisions from Day One.

    Maybe you are just laid-off for a week or so until volume picks-up.

    Here's a quote from an old Western Supplement I have. . . .

    A new part-time employee shall attain seniority when he/she has worked seventy (70) days within a six (6) consecutive month period. Prior to attaining seniority, as defined in this Section, the employee shall be considered a probationary employee and may be discharged without such discharge being subject to the grievance procedure. However, the Employer shall not discharge or otherwise discipline a probationary employee for purposes of evading the terms of this provision or to discriminate against Union members. Upon completion of the probationary period, the employee shall be given a seniority date as of his/her first day worked within such six (6) month period.