Union work or not?

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    Im a part time sorter at my Oklahoma City Hub. I was sent home at the end of my shift last night while three supervisors stayed and sorted out those empty bag bundles that come down some small sort feed for 17 mins. I stayed and watched, and asked if I could do that work but was told no by my part time and full time SUP. Is that considered union work? Also, there were a few smalls packages that came down with the empty bag bundles that I guess were trapped underneath all the bag bundles as they were being stacked throughout the night. My full time SUP said the bag bundles werent union work and that they were just moving those bundles to prevent an egress issue, and that they weren’t truly sorting those smalls packages.
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    The bag bundled were not union work but those smalls was. They are not allowed to progress a package. Taking a package off a belt, and then placing it somewhere else that's not the belt it came from (and same place, they're not even allowed to flip labels for pick offs at my hub) is 100% progressing a package.

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    What were they doing with the smalls? Putting them on a cart or on the correct belts? Toting them? I literally can't imagine them doing some thing that isn't considered progressing a package.
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    I work local sort in Oklahoma and we send a couple trailers to you guys in OKC every night. I've been constantly outnumbered by unloaders ever since I started and I sent a few stinkers this week let me know what you think. You'll know they're mine because the trailer should look like a disaster zone. Just wanted to get some insight on how you guys feel when you open up the trailer door and see that.
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    They sorted the smalls packages to the belts they were supposed to go to, but those belts weren’t running. The only belt running was the one they were putting the bundles on. They worked for 17 mins, but I only saw small packages durning the first few mins. But I guess I could claim since there were packages at the beginning, there could’ve been more coming down as time went on?
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    Has it been done by a hourly in the past? What happens if some come down during the sort?

    It is hourly work here.
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    Yes, empty bag bundles used to be sorted by an hourly up until 4 years ago. That was when they completely stopped letting us part timers double shift (except for peak season.) Before that we could double shift every day, and they would send the bundles down after the sort was finished. However, there were almost always a few stray smalls packages that would be mixed in with the bag bundles and we were told to just set them on the belts they were supposed to go to.
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    If the bag bundles are on the belt there's no egress issue, not supposed to be walking on the belt unless you're breaking a jam moving a diverter or walking the belt out, so the bundles wouldn't be a hindrance to any of those assuming they let them move to the end of the belt.

    The bundles aren't packages so I can't reasonably go article 3 section 7 there, but we know they're doing this to ensure there are no actual packages mixed in so there should be an hourly present to handle any package mixed in. It would be one thing in a package fell off a belt and they put it back on but moving a package from one belt to another even if the belt isn't running is progressing the package and does qualify for 3.7.

    Warning though while I see this as a legit sup working grievance, and depending how you spin it an integrity issue as I can't see an egress issue here, you will get the ire of the sups who have to do write ups for any grievance you file. If you have the tough skin for it go for it, but if you're weak this might not be a big enough issue for you.

    TLDR: Legit Sup working grievance, do you have the fortitude for it though.