United Parcel Service (UPS) Set to Announce Earnings on Tuesday


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United Parcel Service (UPS) Set to Announce Earnings on Tuesday - ETF Daily News

United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) will post its quarterly earnings results before the market opens on Tuesday, February 1st. Analysts expect United Parcel Service to post earnings of $3.05 per share for the quarter. Individual interested in participating in the company’s earnings conference call can do so using this link.

NYSE UPS opened at $198.25 on Friday. The stock has a market capitalization of $172.31 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 26.72, a PEG ratio of 1.43 and a beta of 1.13. United Parcel Service has a twelve month low of $154.76 and a twelve month high of $220.24. The company has a current ratio of 1.48, a quick ratio of 1.48 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.73. The stock has a 50-day moving average of $207.31 and a 200 day moving average of $200.84.

The company also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Wednesday, December 8th. Shareholders of record on Monday, November 22nd were issued a dividend of $1.02 per share. The ex-dividend date was Friday, November 19th. This represents a $4.08 dividend on an annualized basis and a dividend yield of 2.06%. United Parcel Service’s payout ratio is currently 54.99%.


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instead of capital improvements ups is building more facilities and hiring more teamsters........I think the next div paid in march will be a 10 % improvement....