United Parcel Service's Tier 4 data center goes green

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    United Parcel Service's Tier 4 data center goes green - SearchDataCenter

    Let's face it: A lot of green data center case studies are pretty worthless. Vendors and customers pat one another on the back for buying green products and offer vague promises to save energy in data centers over a period of time.

    But the facilities department at the United Parcel Service of America Inc.'s Alpharetta, Ga., site are about to save you a lot of money on your data center air-conditioning bill today. Joe Parrino, data center manager at UPS' Windward data center also explains his organization's load-shedding process and proves that using outside air to cool a data center can work—even in the hot temperatures of the southeastern U.S.
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    If any multi-billion dollar company could find a way to save 6 grand in a gosh darn data center, it's UPS.

    They make that in like half a second.