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    OK. I've been asking management this one for three weeks and still have not got an answer. They say UPS will match our UW contribution. My question is: If I designate my contribution, does UPS's match go to my designation or do they match my donation and send it to where they want it to go?
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    I have seen this one posted on here before. Our managment team has never told us about a matching funds program, and I would think if there was one, they would have told us so to up the giving percentages.

    But I would also think that if it were true, it would be too much of a paperwork nightmare to slpit it up like you suggest.


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    UPS makes a contribution PER EMPLOYEE, both parttime and full time. Has made these contibutions for years and years. It is a set amount per employee, it is not a MATCH, it will be made by the company, irregardless of what if anything any employees contribute on their own. It is always SEPARATED when a report is made regarding contributions to UW. I can't imagine that these questions cannot or have not been answered in the local center or hub. This is common knowledge.
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    Since my boss does not know, what has the company historically given per employee?

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    Not sure being retired have not seen the amount. It was totaling 350,000 overall. Check with your hr person. I know in the meetings with all the employees, the breakdown of employee contributions and company contribution was just given in totals.
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    Here is what we have on the UPS web page:

    For the third year in a row, UPS employees helped the company to become the nation's top contributor to United Way's annual campaign. In the most recent campaign (2002), more than 226,000 UPS employees participated, contributing $44 million. The company's contribution of approximately $9.3 million, combined with the employee contribution, brings UPS's total donation amount to more than $53 million. With its 2001 campaign, UPS became the first company ever to donate more than $50 million in a single campaign to United Way.

    Read the Press Release

    In addition to the company's monetary contributions, UPS employees also volunteer their time and talents to help those in need. Approximately 30,000 employees participate in UPS's Neighbor-to-Neighbor program, a company-wide volunteer initiative that matches employees and their families with volunteer opportunities based on their interests, skills and availability. The company also is a founding member of Business Strengthening America, a group of corporations convened by the White House to help America answer President Bush's call to service by leading a campaign to encourage increased volunteer service and citizenship.
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    Shows the outside world the total long term committment of the company and employees at all levels to the Community .... something to be very proud of.
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    I never give to united way, give to you local church or hospice, let ups give to a scam like united way, they can afford it.
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    The United Way is not a scam, and shame on you for slandering them.

    While I might not agree 100% on how they allocate the moneies, they do provide a means for people and businesses to give to charities. Without them many people would never give anything at all.

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    You can give locally and directly with UW contribution as well, if you haven't done so, ask HR rep how to do it. For years I gave to a local town charity with my entire contribution. Also, you cannot discount the publicity the company gets, which helps the overall business, nothing wrong with this approach, the competition does it as well.