UPS 100th Anniversary Celebration

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  1. scratch

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    A couple of weeks ago, I got a post card in the mail inviting my family to attend the Centennial Celebration Event that is currently traveling around the country. Its RSVP, and I am considering going to the second one in Atlanta that will be at the Atlanta Airport on March 24. Has anyone been to the San Antonio or Jacksonville Event? I have been to three "open House" events from where a new Hub or facility opened up, I'm just wondering about what to expect at this particular one.:confused:1
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  2. HazMatMan

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    I've never been privelaged enough to get invited to a UPS event.
  3. Channahon

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    Check - photos posted for both locations you mentioned.
  4. canon

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    You have to know the secret handshake.
  5. Cementups

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    I doubt my boss would give me the time off :shrug:
  6. tieguy

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    The event will be held on the weekend. Big tractor trailer rig rolls in with specific display items. I imagine they will have food and other displays there.
  7. brownmonster

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    You posted today about an invite for an event last Saturday? How was it.
  8. scratch

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    You got me on that one, good eye brownmonster. Its actually coming up Mar. 24. The invitation is a postcard, not an engraved invitation. I work in the Ga. District as a Package Driver, this and the weekend before is open to Corp Office, UPS Capital, FSC,Innoplex, SE Region, SCS, and Windward employees. I think we have something like six thousand employees around since Corporate moved here.
  9. SmithBarney

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    There is a link on to get an invite...
    or maybe thats just my
  10. brownmonster

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    Scratch King, I went to high school with a guy who is now a driver in Atlanta. Are you in that area and how many centers in Atlanta?
  11. scratch

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    I was born in Atlanta, have been here all my life. We have three Hubs, the original Atlanta Hub on the west side, Pleasantdale, (P'dale) the largest on the north side, and Forest Park Hub, a small one on the south side below the airport. There are several Centers nearby, I don't know exactly how many total Centers there are. All three Hubs deliver to Atlanta addresses.
  12. txmomof2b2g

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    Couple of weeks ago, we went to the one in Mesquite Tx. It was pretty windy and chilly to be standing outside for along time.
    They had a package car with some packages so that kids could load a package car and see who is the fastest.
    They had a set up like a pine wood derby car , but was the metal package cars.
    For food was a barbaque , cotton candy, chips and sodas.
    They had drawings for door prizes. Don't know what they gave away only 2 numbers were drawn when we were there for probably 1 1/2.
    They had the 44 show car there. They had the flame package car there.
    I don't know if they cancelled anything because of the wind. But there really wasn't that much there.
    The kids did get to sit in the flame package car! They liked that! In my profile I have a link that will take you to my myspace where you can see some pictures that we had taken that day.
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  13. Harry Manback

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    our center's is tommorow. i'll shoot some pics and post some thumbnails later this weekend.shouldve seen all our management team scrambling around like scalded dogs when all the big whigs came in for the big "Let's all pat each other on the back because, we are so great" ceremony. They were like " Hey! Where's your 100 year pin??" "For God's sake, polish those boots!!" heh
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