UPS, Aflac among most ethical companies

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    United Parcel Service Inc. and Aflac Inc. have made the 2011 World’s Most Ethical Companies list published by Ethisphere Institute.
    The companies are only ones from Georgia on the list of 110 companies that “demonstrate real and sustained ethical leadership within their industries, putting into real business practice the Institute’s credo of ‘Good. Smart. Business. Profit,’” Ethisphere said.
    According to Ethisphere, Columbus, Ga.-based Aflac (NYSE: AFL) got on the list by “implementing upright business practices and initiatives that are instrumental to the company's success, that benefit the community, and that raise the bar for ethical standards within the industry,” Aflac said.
    "As companies strive to maintain a competitive advantage, good ethics translates into better business, and better business means better bottom lines,” said Alex Brigham, executive director of the Ethisphere Institute, in a statement. “Aflac recognizes the important role that principled practices play in brand reputation, which ultimately is the most valuable asset for a corporation. Each year, the competition gets more intense for the World's Most Ethical Companies and this year was no exception, with a record number of organizations vying for this distinguished honor."

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    Aflac recently fired Gilbert Gottfried for tweets about the Japanese quake and tsunami that were in poor taste.
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    What about Liberty Unmutual? Did they clean up?
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    Yes, as I reported 2 days ago (3-14-11) in Wacky News post 209
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    Don't you mean Slippery Mutual?
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    sorry for OT
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    It is true that if upper management finds out about unethical activity, they do act quickly and severely.

    Working at UPS it may seem surprising that they rate as highly ethical, I agree. But it's a nasty world out there, and dirty, corrupt behavior happens in all sorts of corporations. We just experience UPS every day. If we were exposed to the inner workings of more companies, we all could be surprised how ethical UPS truly is, relatively speaking.
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    but they were funny :laugh:
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    Not in my building. They sweep it all under the rug. My building has no idea what being ethical means. UPS got busted for the OPL stock tax evasion thing, the faulty truck lawsuit in NY, the lunch lawsuit in CA, many many wrongful terminations, discrimination lawsuits, price fixing lawsuits, airplane fuel surcharge lawsuit, DOT violations, OSHA violations, Wage and Labor violations, Worker's Compensation lawsuits, illegal subcontracting, timecard alterations, daily contract violations etc etc

    Yeah real ethical company. That is like saying Charlie Sheen is an anti-drug therapist and monogomist.
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    This rating come from Satan enterprises though right?
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    A truly ethical company would have a very clear, consistent and transparent definition of what exactly constitutes an "emergency condition" exception for a package. This definition would be prominently posted on the tracking website, as well as on the bulletin board at every package center.

    A truly ethical company would not dispatch its employees onto public roads in vehicles from which critical safety and ergonomic features had been intentionally deleted in order to save money.

    A truly ethical company would not evaluate the performance of its management people based upon irrelevant and ever-changing "flavor of the week" metrics that have no correlation to how well their operations are actually being run.

    A truly ethical company would empower its management people with decision-making authority that is commesurate with the level of responsibility being placed upon them. Empowered people can make ethical choices; puppets cannot.

    As a company, we have a loooong way to go before we can truly claim to be "ethical".
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    Its like holding or facemasking in the NFL its all cool to you get caught!!
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    Ethisphere Institute? Yes, they do embrace laggards.
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    Maybe they grade on a curve and all the other companies just suck worse.
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    There is no company or individual who is truly "ethical" ... except maybe me.
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    hey guys this is great we must be among the best least best
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    And humble too.
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    Best company at hiding violations award it what it should be called.
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    That award would go to the Tokyo Electric Power Company.