UPS American Disgrace for worker safety

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by jorge, Jan 21, 2003.

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    UPS spent more money than any other corporation buying off politicians to stop ergonomic safety at ups .UPS mgrs should see through the self serving propaganda and brainwashing of big brown and be truly ashamed and remorsefull for being a part of a company that refuse to do what is needed to have safe working conditions. The maiming of tens of thousands of workers is on thier hands.
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    Sounds like another Saintteamo post to me
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    Yup, I recognize the disjointed squawking of that dis-credited thief and con-artist.
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    Gotta reply to this idiot as well.......Don't quote me on this because I have been "removed" for a few years BUT the last I knew, the Teamsters PAC (Political Action Committee) contributed much more than UPS, possible even double. I personally disagree with ALL PAC's but unfortunately, that is the way of life!
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    Could that be saintteamo's mom?
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    Inbreeding for sure.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong. Working at UPS is still voluntary. Go bag groceries or flip fries or drop the Chalupa. I get hurt more at home than on the job. We work hard at all UPS positions but it is not that bad. Stop whining Sainttearduct. All the part timers in my building live pretty good and most wan't to stay part time. My rant is done. It's -2 degrees here in sunny WI. Lets Rock!!
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    Check the national news on the unfortunate coal miners in WV! Which occupation is safer? They both pay about the same wage.UPS has never maimed an employee that I know of in my 33 years with UPS.Maiming of tens of thousands of workers is a very uneducated statement!
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    Run for cover!!!!!! Get out your AFDBs. jorge med may be another saint.
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    Tin Foil Hat Alert!
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    saintteamo cant spell remember, or he had his mother read it
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    "UPS spent more money than any other corporation buying off politicians to stop ergonomic safety at ups"

    The Teamsters Union came in 5th , UPS finished a distant 15th. Another example of reckless spending by the Teamsters. At least UPS spends their own money, not mine.
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    This issue raises it head all the time and I don't understand the point being made. Trade unions litter the board of top PAC contributors. Why would anyone begrudge UPS for participating in the same process?
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    Two wrongs do not make a right.
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    Who said PACs are wrong?
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    the difference between what the Teamsters do with a pact and ups is that the Teamsters lobby in the interests of the average person and our great country while ups lobbys in the interests of itself at the expence of the average person and our great country.the working conditions at ups are as safe as tiobacco isnt addivtive. reform and public rebuke will come in time.
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    Is Bob sled really the saint hIDing under A AFDB.
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    Has the same grammer
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    Or is it grammar or not very grammatical or failing to grammaticalize?
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    and a similar IP address