UPS analysing lithium battery safety after crash

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    UPS analysing lithium battery safety after crash - Khaleej Times

    Speaking to Khaleej Times, UPS Public Relations Manager Mike Mangeot, said the firm was in the process of analysing the authority’s report on fire risks of lithium batteries.

    ‘‘Speaking broadly, UPS has a standing lithium battery working group and an in-flight fire mitigation team that are already looking at issues similar to those outlined in the Safo (Safety Alert for Operators).’’ Mangeot said the company would not be drawn into speculating the cause of the crash when an official inquiry was being conducted by a team headed by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority and included experts from the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Boeing, FAA and UPS.

    It is important to understand that the investigation into the Dubai accident has not mentioned a cause, and may not for quite some time, until experts have been able to conduct a thorough analysis of the facts, he said.
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