UPS Applauds Breakthrough on the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

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    Quick action on implementation needed to facilitate global commerce and support economic growth

    UPS®, a global logistics provider and leading advocate for global trade, welcomes the news of a breakthrough agreement to resolve differences between the United States and India. The accord ultimately allow the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement to be implemented, making it easier and less expensive to move goods across borders.

    "This agreement will allow WTO members to move forward with a set of commitments that will increase global trade, reduce administrative costs and delays at the border as well as help promote economic development among the world's poorest countries, said David Abney, UPS CEO. "The results of full implementation will also mean a more efficient global supply chain that will benefit business large and small, as well as spur economic recovery and create jobs."

    UPS wishes to congratulate and extend our thanks to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, U.S. Ambassador to the WTO Michael Punke and the team of dedicated USTR negotiators, who helped to reach this breakthrough and set the agreement back on track to reach full implementation.