UPS Applauds New Modernized U.S.-Mexico Aviation Agreement

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    Successful Negotiations Could Provide Greater Operational Efficiencies and Connectivity for Businesses and Consumers in the U.S. and Mexico

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today congratulated the governments of the United States and Mexico for reaching a tentative agreement that provides greater air network opportunities by allowing express carriers to now serve the Mexico market and beyond to Latin America.
    "This new U.S.-Mexico aviation agreement will improve the optimization and connectivity of our intermodal network in the region" said Mitch Nichols, UPS's Senior Vice President for Transportation and Engineering. "UPS continues to experience strong growth in Mexico and the all-cargo 5th freedom rights in this tentative agreement will help ensure we can provide our customers, large and small, reliable and efficient global distribution solutions."

    UPS established its presence in Mexico in 1989, now employing more than 2,000 employees and operating a delivery fleet of more than 520 vehicles. UPS operates in approximately 60 Mexican airports with international service supporting a comprehensive Mexican domestic network that includes small package, freight, and health care facilities, and also retail centers designed to serve small and medium-sized shippers.

    "As strategic allies and critical economic partners, this aviation agreement, once entered into force, will build on Mexico’s economic reforms and the work of the High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) in promoting competitiveness and connectivity in the global supply chain,” added Jim Barber, President of UPS International.

    "UPS thanks the U.S. and Mexican delegations for their diligent efforts," stated both Barber and Nichols. "We congratulate the achievements of State Department’s Office of Aviation Negotiations Director Steve Cristina, Department of Transportation's Assistant Director for Negotiations Brian Hedberg, Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil’s Director Alexandro Argudín, General Director of Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares Gilberto López Meyer, and their negotiating teams on this significant liberalization achievement.”