UPS Applauds Passage Of Legislative Language To Tax All Fuels Equally

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    Provision in short-term highway bill extension will end disparity in the way some alternative fuels are taxed

    UPS® (NYSE:UPS), a leading global logistics provider, applauds the U.S. Congress for passing legislative language in today’s short-term highway extension equalizing the federal excise tax for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane with their counterparts, diesel and gasoline. This federal tax disparity for LNG and propane is perhaps the greatest disincentive to converting large commercial trucking fleets to run on alternative fuels.

    UPS is one of America’s foremost users of alternative fuel vehicles, with more than 1,200 liquid natural gas tractors already operating in its U.S. domestic network. By the end of 2015, UPS will have more than 7,700 total alternative fuel vehicles, including more than 1,000 propane vehicles. Removing the current federal tax disincentive is essential to encouraging additional investment in alternative fuels.

    “LNG and propane are both clean, readily available fuels, produced in the United States,” said Laura Lane, President of UPS Global Public Affairs. “Removing this economic disincentive in the tax code will speed the penetration of LNG and propane vehicles into the marketplace, and expand the use of LNG and propane vehicles on America’s roadways.”

    In helping to pass the tax equalization language, UPS commends the efforts of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) and Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) as well as Congressman Todd Young (R-IN) with Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI), Congressman John Larson (D-CT), Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) and their staffs.