UPS asks temp workers to use their own cars for holiday deliveries

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    UPS asks temp workers to use their own cars for holiday deliveries - The Detroit News

    United Parcel Service Inc. is expanding its hires of drivers using their own vehicles to help with the avalanche of holiday deliveries spawned by online shopping, and that’s rattling veteran drivers of the iconic brown van from New York to Kentucky.

    Unlike competitors FedEx Corp. and Inc., UPS has a unionized workforce, and local Teamsters leaders aren’t happy with a trend they see as reducing opportunities for their members and hurting the UPS brand.

    “They’re lowering their own standards so much,” said Vincent Perrone, president of Local 804 in New York City and Long Island, where the personal-vehicle drivers will be used for the first time this year. The local has filed a labor grievance with UPS to challenge the jobs.
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    Are they allowed to have beards ?
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    Beards and Neck tattoos are part of the safety briefing
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    Can they deliver in their pajamas like the Amazon guy I saw?
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    Or :censored2: in customers yards
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  7. AZ Retired

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    These should be Teamster jobs plus these temp drivers will find out that their auto insurance will not cover them if they have an accident. There are very few companies that write that type of insurance and the premiums are very expensive.
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    PVD came to get a misload from me. He had an earring and when I asked if he knew where he was going he said his phone could tell him. He sheeted the package before he got back in his car. He also might be smarter than the management team that is employed at my center.
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    I hope it was a 10:30 am committed air package.