UPS awards grant for scholarships

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    UPS awards grant for scholarships - Tallahassee

    Officials of United Parcel Service presented a donation of $75,600 Tuesday to Independent College & Universities of Florida, a Tallahassee-based organization that will make the funds available to students in the form of scholarships.

    In Florida, "Twenty-eight students a year are the beneficiaries of this," said ICUF President Ed Moore, noting that many of them are from low-income households or only attend part time. "For those students, this kind of money is invaluable. They would not make it through without this assistance."
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    And the story continues:

    "For these students, part-time jobs are available at UPS so that you can put your head-bangin smarts to good use pounding on unsuspecting job virgins that expected to acquire an entry-level position with a chance of advancement in a well-respected world-wide company. These students, in turn, will move on within the company, to other positions that have nothing to do with their respective studies and advance to the point where they will spit out unrealistic numbers for other "uneducated" workers to attain and will further advance to the level of head "warning letter distributor" and monitor of "termination".

    Money well spent.