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    Here is a link to the new list of DAS and Extended DAS zip codes, updated as of January 4th. There are 23,411 zips listed, not counting AK and HI.

    If your route covers any of these zips, all of the "Basic" packages go to the Post Office DDU. If you have a Basic package addressed to a PO Box, it can go to any zip.
    If you have a Basic package, and its not on the list, and it's NOT addressed to a PO Box, then it must be one of the new "Basic 85" packages.
    Take a look at the list of "rural" zip codes-some of them are not very rural!
    20041-Washington DC
    90265-Malibu CA
    Every zip code in the US has one of these classifications:
    SUPER RURAL=Extended DAS
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    I think you may be confusing Delivery Area Surcharge, which is what the list you provided covers, and the Basic program. A package can have a DAS added to it and not be a Basic package. The surcharge will be noted as a Residential Area Surcharge on the package but the package will be delivered directly to the consignee, not the Post Office, and is not a Basic package.

    I deliver in an Urban area and at least 1/3 of my residential packages are Basic and each and every one of them are delivered directly to the consignee, not the Post Office.

    There is also a lot of confusion between Shipper Release and Basic.

    Your thread is misleading.
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    The city I deliver in is no way rural and the post office all of a sudden is getting a lot more Basics. They went from 2 or 3 a day to about 30. A majority of these were from one particular clothing shippper. I was looking at them in the back of that driver's package car the other morning and saw three of them that would get delivered to my area the next day. And of course two of those addresses I delivered to that same day anyway. So much for Basic being delivered by the USPS in remote areas only. I have a feeling my route is going to expand if I lose the Basics I have now.
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    There are acually two different surcharges, one for "rural" areas and a second surcharge for residential deliveries. Folks on my area that have packages sent to their homes get hit with both.
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    In our area the basic packages that are to be delivered to the Post Office have two addresses on them, one is the PO and the other is the consignee's. When this is the case they go to the post office, period.
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    I have two questions, first are these packages that would of normally gone via the USPS? If so are we being contracted by the USPS to transport these for them, or are we contracting the USPS to deliver these for us?
    Secondly, on days like this upcoming Monday which the USPS will not be open, should we then deliver these packages ourself? Basically(no pun intended), waiting until Tuesday to deliver them to the USPS will add two extra days to these packages. A package that could of just been delivered Monday will now need to wait until Wednesday.
    I understand that the shippers are completely aware of this, but the average consignee has no idea. In fact when they are made aware of the delivery arraignments they usually become upset.
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    These packages may have gone USPS before, some of them may have be transported UPS ground before, and some of them may have been FedEx accounts before, any customer with the required volume may choose to use the BASIC service. I'm suspecting that our BD guys have been given instructions to sell that service to compete with FedEx Ground's discounting.

    A BD person may correct me if I am worng, but when a customer chooses to open a BASIC account, they load software that prints the dual UPS/USPS label, and I'm not sure if they pay UPS and we pay the USPS, or whether they receive their billing independently from the two carriers. I suspect the latter, but I really don't know.

    As for what to do with a BASIC for the post office package on a Federal Hoiday, I'm not the center manager, (you should ask him or her) but in our center for the last decade we've recorded them cloH.
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    For the days when the post office is closed our center has the computer sort them out and they never even get loaded on your car. They do this with any known closed stops. If you have 5 doctors offices closed on Monday they arn't even loaded and you get 5 stops somewhere else.