UPS begins $80 million expansion

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    UPS begins $80 million expansion - Memphis Business Journal

    The project, with a total value of $80 million, will add 140,000 square feet and a 54,000-gallon natural gas fueling station to the already 293,345-square-foot facility, creating 15 new jobs for the area. UPS received an 11-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes benefit from the Economic Development Growth Engine of Memphis & Shelby County for the project in November.
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    Yea, right now all they have done is set-up two of the contractor offices/mobile homes. Been up for about a week or two. Also have the natural gas refueling silos up, they have been up a while though.
  3. How do they expand that facility 50% and only create 15 jobs, probably part time jobs too.
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    So how will this affect the air network? Will some planes be diverted from Louisville? Will they cannibalize other hubs?

    I took note of the low job creation numbers too, and concluded there will be a lot of automation in the expansion, like what is at Louisville.
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    From what ive heard, they will be closing the memphis hub on brooks road.