UPS cancels A380 in new blow for Airbus

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    UPS cancels A380 in new blow for Airbus - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc. said it planned to cancel an order for 10 Airbus A380 freighters, worth approximately $3 billion at list prices, joining its rival FedEx which cancelled an identical order last year.
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    Five to six years to figure out how to fix wiring problems? Its better to buy Boeing, at least Americans will have jobs instead of France and their neighbors.

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    Its Boeing Or I'm Not Going!!!!
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    I think we need to stop focusing (and obsessing) over that. Where jobs are. If Airbus is more innovative, makes planes that can last, and can meet an American company's needs, why the hell should we have blind patronage to ourselves "because this is where the jobs are". Any economist (except the economists that sold out to left wing think tanks) will tell you that it's best for countries to focus on what they do best, not to support inefficent businesses "because of the jobs".

    Thing is, Airbus doesn't make planes that last, the 380 is a piece of crap (you can't viably sell planes that will only be compatable at airports I can count with both of my hands, not to mention the nightmare of onloading/offloading pax when the low-ball charter airlines get their hands on this piece). Boeing is a case of "focusing on what they do best"; the 777 shows such amazing engineering that airbus is yet to catch on to, and the 787 is just genius: airlines want point-to-point super long range-the first time soon a flight of 200 people can go JFK-SYD non stop, not massive boats to shuttle 800 people at a time from JFK-SFO (if those airports even take the 380). I see 737s from the 1970s still in operation, I don't think Airbus can say the same with the 300s that were made in 1975. Perhaps Airbus should take some advice from the economists, but they're obviously trying to compete because of some complex that they have with the Americans. Hell, Embraer makes better aircraft than Airbus and even Bombardier, I don't know who would rather fly on a CRJ than an ERJ. Although Bombardier makes by far the best private jets.

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