UPS Capital Showcases Supply Chain Financial, Insurance and Payment Services with New Website


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UPS Capital®, a subsidiary of UPS® (NYSE:UPS), which provides supply chain financial, insurance and payment services, announced the launch of its new website, The new website gives visitors the opportunity to discover more information about all of the facets that the company and its affiliates have to offer, including Cargo Insurance, Flexible Parcel Insurance, Global Asset-Based Lending and Merchant Services. The website also highlights UPS Capital products and services for specific industries, including healthcare, high tech, industrial manufacturing, retail, automotive and professional services.

"Most companies might not know that UPS Capital exists, and even if they have heard of us, they might not fully understand everything that we can do," said Ronald Chang, president of UPS Capital. "With more than 100 years of experience, nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS, which makes UPS Capital well positioned to consult with companies on how to best enhance and secure their supply chains. The new website does a great job of helping customers understand how UPS Capital capabilities can help them grow their top line, while reducing risk to the bottom line."

Visitors can learn more about UPS Capital, including:

  • Global Product Availability: Gain more insight into products that can be leveraged across their global supply chain.
  • Industry Solutions and Knowledge: Explore how UPS Capital helps companies within specific industries meet the opportunities and challenges unique to their segment.
  • Levels of Coverage: Review levels of insurance coverage through UPS Capital Insurance Agency Inc. that customers can consider for protecting their goods.
  • Insights and Research - Learn more about UPS and UPS Capital from supply chain transportation and logistics to insurance and financial services. Through the white papers, industry-focused case studies, and interesting research and statistics in this section, visitors will see how UPS and UPS Capital can play key roles in protecting and leveraging each link in the supply chain.
"UPS Capital partners with our customers to consult, evaluate and develop unique solutions to enhance their supply chains," said Chang. "Our solutions offer peace-of-mind so customers can focus on what's important - growing their business."

UPS Capital and its affiliates have many products, including:

  • Cargo Insurance: Offers customizable solutions to protect warehoused goods and in-transit freight shipments against loss or damage anywhere in the world, no matter the carrier or where they are in the supply chain.
  • Flexible Parcel Insurance: Provides protection for time-sensitive, perishable and other hard-to-value items against loss, damage or delay.
  • UPS Capital Cargo Finance: Allows customers to use in-transit inventory as collateral to increase liquidity and secure working capital earlier in their supply chain.
  • Global-Asset Based Lending: Enables customers to borrow against the value of warehoused and in-transit goods and receive funding earlier in the supply chain.
  • Trade Credit Protection: Provides services to help facilitate payment by quickly converting invoices to cash, collecting on outstanding receivables, and minimizing buyer credit risk.
  • UPS Proactive Response Secure: Enables monitoring of time-sensitive, high-value shipments 24/7/365, intercepting and rerouting packages that are at risk of missing their scheduled delivery. Automatic insurance coverage protects against costs of expediting delivery and recovery procedures.
  • UPS Capital Merchant Services: Offers a secure way to accept credit card payments and get speedy and reliable electronic fund transfers directly into a designated bank account.
  • Credit Card Fraud Protection: Provides customers a solution to sell online with confidence, even internationally, without exposure to fraudulent credit card transactions.
  • C.O.D. Payment Options: Allows customers to receive C.O.D. funds faster and reduce the risk of uncollected payments for packages shipped C.O.D. via UPS.