UPS CEO Davis Earned $5.6 Million In '08 Total Compensation

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    UPS CEO Davis Earned $5.6 Million In '08 Total Compensation - Smart Money

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) Chief Executive Scott Davis was paid $5.6 million in total compensationlast year, more than double his $2.64 million in 2007 total compensation when he was chief financial officer, according to the company's statement.

    Davis assumed the top UPS post, and also became chairman, last year. UPS attributed his big pay increase largely to the promotion, which took effect on Jan. 1 last year.
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    I cant believe no one is talking about this. I just got an email from TDU talking about the increase in pays of the top 2 execs at UPS. The reason why UPS wins on the 22.3 job layoffs is that there is no unity in this company/ our union leaders (Hoffa) are in cohoots with UPS leaders. Are volume has shrunk but yet they get massive raises. If you look at the percent raises UPS employees got compared to high rank execs in the company it is severely skewed. I don't care about getting only 35 cents, but what I care about most is the people getting laid off because they can't afford to keep the jobs on the payroll but lets do the math a couple million raise versus lets say 50, 40k a year jobs.

    UPS does a good job sometimes penny pinching. Usually they break OHSA, DOT, and our contract laws to save money but to pay top execs more money compared to what the company is earning and its employees are why corporations across the country are going bankrupt. Mgmt can shave off 10k-20k and still live the high life and people can still be employed and pay taxes into the system, pay their bills lead the American life and not live off the government. This is what were getting to in America, the rich getting richer and the middle class getting poorer. The worse part is that as a company and as a nation don't care because its tougher to stand up for yourself. This country would rather be told what to do because it's easier that way.
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    Oh hell NO:angry:. Part-time loaders and full-time drivers are getting laid off. UPS stock went from $75 down to 37.99 on 3/9/09. *** is wrong with this picture:greedy:? Did he work for AIG before UPS? We have to get a petition together and have him ousted. I have been an employee for 12years+. This might be a good time for a class action lawsuit since UPS has all this extra money to give to CEO's. What ever happen to a fair days work for a fair days pay. The $65,000-$80,000 drivers are making isn't enough. AT his rate that about $430,000 per month for Mr. Davis:angry-very2:.
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    I was going to say the same thing. Especially about the class-action lawsuit. This is definitely America... :knockedout:
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    And the sups say we are overpaid. How many pkgs a day does mr davis del and pu every day?
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    About 14 million
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    well i guess he did deserve that raise
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    Im not trying to defend this but in relation to other CEO's who run a multi billion $ company his compensation is very small. Dont anyone jump on the attitude train. Im just stating the facts. Go look for your self. If he brings us through this in good shape then it may be worth it!!
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    Excellent points.
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    Vote your proxy, you have until may 6 to do it online.

    Market data is only one of the factors considered by the Compensation Committee​
    While the Compensation Committee considers market data in making compensation decisions, it does not
    target compensation at a particular percentile or within any targeted range based on the data. The data is one of a
    variety of factors weighed by the Compensation Committee when considering base salary, long-term equity awards
    and total compensation levels, and is generally considered as a market check.
    Each year, we purchase and review general compensation survey data from sources such as Cook and Towers
    Perrin so that we can provide the Compensation Committee with general information about the level of our
    compensation relative to compensation data from comparable sized companies. In addition we look at pay practices
    and levels for a peer group that is comprised of companies that typically have global operations, a diversified
    business and annual sales and market capitalizations comparable to UPS. The 2008 peer group was comprised of the
    following 20 companies:

    Boeing Co. Dell Inc. Lowes Companies Inc. Sysco Corp.
    Caterpillar Inc. FedEx Corporation McDonald’s Corp. Target Corp.
    Coca-Cola Co. Johnson & Johnson Motorola Inc. United Technologies Corp.
    Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Kroger Co. PepsiCo Inc. Walgreen Co.
    Costco Wholesale Corp. Lockheed Martin Procter & Gamble Xerox Corp.​