UPS CFO: We're ready for peak season and we will deliver

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    UPS CFO: We're ready for peak season and we will deliver - Reuters

    After having difficulties getting its holiday peak season right for the past two years running, this year executives at United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N) insist they have a winning formula.

    "We are ready for peak season and we will deliver," Chief Financial Officer Richard Peretz told Reuters.

    The company's CFO said closer collaboration with an increasing number of retailers will allow UPS to better manage demand, and by staggering its seasonal workers it should be able to better manager costs associated with ecommerce packages in the run-up to the holidays.
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    We can't get it delivered now. We have zero extra vehicles.
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    Who's we? He sure the hell won't be out there
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    They need to make every one of the board and upper management at Atlanta spend a week in the jump seat with a driver. As far as "Wall Street Experts" F them.

    Management seeing how our company works through the eyes of a driver would force several changes that would improve the way we do business.
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    Such as?