UPS continues electric vehicle push with Gaussin 'shifters' test in London


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UPS continues electric vehicle push with Gaussin 'shifters' test in London - Atlanta Business Chronicle

While company initiatives around the globe are stuck in neutral during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, UPS is charging forward on a piece of its green energy strategy.

United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) said it's testing the suitability and durability of Gaussin electric vehicles, known as "shifters," which have autonomous driving capability, to move semi-trailers and containers on the grounds of UPS’s advanced-technology London Hub.

Gaussin SA, a French engineering company, and UPS have been collaborating since 2018 to co-develop a competitive electric shifter vehicle. UPS says Gaussin electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and include "novel battery-swap technology," where discharged battery packs can immediately be replaced by fully charged ones.


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The truth never changes.
What the hell are we looking at here?
Autonomous shifting vehicle with a person driving it.
What the......?

Parallel to the poster the company distributed about the location to put a PAL label on the package.

They used a package that had a USPS label on it...not a ups pkg.

Too many martini lunches that day at the marble palace?