UPS delivers by bike this holiday season

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    UPS delivers by bike this holiday season - Blogging Stocks

    UPS can only deliver 25-50 packages per day by bicycle, compared to up to 150 by truck, but Portland area spokesman Jeff Grant says UPS will save $38,000 in vehicle operation and upkeep costs for every three delivery bicycles used.

    After all, UPS started using bicycles to deliver packages 100 years ago in Seattle, and started a pilot program in Atlanta and Seattle last year. Bicycle delivery is ideal for the holiday season as it allows the company to expand its service without having to expand its fleet of expensive delivery vehicles; bikes are about $600 each, and judging by the reaction to popular biking blogs, the company will have no trouble filling the available jobs with bikers eager to prove their mettle. It's not only sensible economics, but fantastic PR for a company that struggles with a rather stodgy image. Expanding the bike delivery program for all the company's busy seasons would be a fiscally responsible plan that could also pay big dividends in customer goodwill.
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    150 per truck? I have done 150 just at WalMart.
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    150? LOL!!!! Id love to see a pkg. car with just 150 during peak.. haha that was a good one.
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    Quote from article's comment list has a bit more info:

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    And another:

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    What they are not saying is that these will not be "drivers" UPS uses them on the "helper" pay scale.