UPS Delivery Intercept Challenge - The story of a PR fumble

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dfigtree, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Now as you know I am not a sales, marketing and PR type of guy but this advertising campaign seems to have a flaw in it. The campaign is supposed to highlight UPS' ability to locate, redirect and have a successfull UPS delivery to the new address.

    "This football season, UPS and former NFL quarterback Archie Manning have teamed up in a search of videos of the country’s best amateur football interceptions in the UPS Delivery Intercept Challenge Video Contest."

    But what a football interception does is express abject failure. The ball was "lost or stolen" and delivered to the wrong address by the wrong guy. Maybe, to the opposition's goal line.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think one of those rugby type of football goals where the laterals are thrown between band members marching onto the field as time runs out would work better. Maybe it's just me.

    And, BTW I don't think Archie for all his skill ever made the playoffs. I could be wrong on this, though.
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    Failure if you are on offense. Means something totally different if you are on defense.
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    Or failure if your a UGA fan....GO roosters!!! Sorry, I had to revel in it just a bit....:lol:
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    Ouch there Harry :blushing:. Looks like you guys may do something special this year. You should submit some of Staford's picks from last month. Good luck in the East.

    ABF = Anybody but Florida.