UPS driver, neighbor save teen pinned underneath truck

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    UPS driver, neighbor save teen pinned underneath truck - Fox 5

    A UPS driver came to the rescue of a San Diego teenager who was pinned underneath a truck that had collapsed on his head, his family said.

    Cameron King, 17, was an inch away from being crushed by a truck after a jack slid from underneath it. The 17-year-old boy was working on the truck when the jack moved and the truck dropped on his head and shoulder.
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    It's always nice to see us make the headlines for something good like this.
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    Did the driver punch out on "meal" to do this?
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    This driver is from out building in SD. He's a hero!
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    In the office Monday for running "over".
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    As he should be.
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    Keep wondering how many others might not have heard him screaming or failed to see what was happening. Hats off to the driver who helped get the vehicle off this kid, but was on top of his game to even notice it!