UPS driver shot making delivery on South Side

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    UPS driver shot making delivery on South Side - Chicago Breaking News Center

    A United Parcel Service delivery driver was shot this morning during an apparent robbery in the West Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, officials said.

    The man was taken as taken in serious to critical condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn after the 10 a.m. shooting on the 6500 block of South Hermitage Avenue, Chicago Fire Department spokesman Quention Curtis said. The driver was out of the truck making a delivery, he said.
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    Holy f... !
    So sad for the guy, his family & friends.

    Sad news.
  3. over9five

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    Shot in the back by some low-life scum.

    Hopefully Red or someone else from the area will have more info about the drivers condition.
  4. feederdriver06

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    Its ashame that this happened and at the same time I'm surprised it hasn't happened more than it has. Everyone knows UPS drivers(mail carriers,FedEx drivers-this actually happened to a FedEx driver in Gary, Indiana) are unarmed and are sitting ducks for low life criminals. I hope the driver is ok and returns to a normal life. Chances are the gunmen will be caught and will regret what they did.
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    Some mid-day tv news reports, no update on his condition.
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    It`s a shame something like this happens and gives a bad name to one of Chicago`s finer neighborhoods. Hopefully this driver got a good enough look at his attackers to help the cops catch them. I`m assuming this driver is out of Jeff st.
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    UNDER THE GUN NO PUN INTENED. He should have gave him the pkg car. BUT THEN YOU And I no, The center would have blamed him for leaving the keys in the car.guilty till proven otherwise. I hope the scum that shot him get caught. AND A BUNCH OF DRIVES GO TO NEIGHBOR HOOD FOR A EARLY AM SPECIAL DELIVERY ON THE SCUM THAT DID THIS. I hope the driver pulls through.
  8. cachsux

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    The story says he was returning to the truck when approached. I doubt he left the keys especially in that hood. Even if he had the key in the ignition once the guns come out all rules are void. I would have given them lessons in driving a stick if I had to. We can`t Monday quarterback this as who knows how crazy the attackers were acting. We may have tried to make a break for it ourselves.
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    I will definetley keep him and his family in my prayers
  10. User Name

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    they can have anything they want. i have the union for this kind of protection. I love my life too much for some idiot to try to take it for some crap in a box.... I hope this guy will be okay......
  11. shrimpfire

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    I guess ups will charge him with an accident because he was in an unsafe neighborhood.
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    The driver is in the hospital in serious to critical condition and this is your response?
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    here is an update brothers

    this driver is out of Bedford park one of the routes from the closed dobson center.
    Hes expected t make a recovery according to news website, and have a suspect in custody
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    Also being discussed in this thread.
  15. scottVA

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    Im sure UPS will find a way to make it his fault.
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