UPS driver shot this morning in Southwest Baltimore

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    UPS driver shot this morning in Southwest Baltimore - Baltimore Sun

    A United Parcel Service driver finishing up an overnight trip from Texas was shot and wounded this morning as he drove his tractor-trailer on Caton Avenue in Southwest Baltimore, a city police spokesman said.

    Officer Troy Harris, the spokesman, said the driver, whom police did not identify, was wounded on the left side, just under the shoulder blade, and was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center. A UPS spokeswoman, Deanna Cain, said the driver was released from the hospital this afternoon.
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    That was so avoidable.
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    that wasn't funny dude.
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    This was an avoidable Ups terms, if you had called off, this may not have happened. Someone else would have been faster, and missed the bullet.
    In all seriousness, Thank God it missed his heart,and prayers for him as well as his family.
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    I've been sitting on this one to see how quickly it came up here. I forget Cheryl had a newreader that was automatically posting these news items.

    A little background.

    a black car pulled up next to the driver , driver of the car screaming and gesturing to our driver. Our driver glanced at him twice and did not see any gun. He then went to make his turn onto Joh ave which leads into the baltimore building. At that point the driver of the black car fired four shots at the sleeper team driver. He managed to pull the tractor over and then called 911. Four shots fired. one shattered the drivers side window and entered his left shoulder area. Broke his left clavicle and collar bone and lodged in his chest just below the collar bone. One buried in the door of the tractor. One went through the mirror of the tractor and kept going. One went through the small vent window of the tractor and richocheted cracking the front right windshield in two spots.

    The driver was taken to shock trauma in baltimore. If you need help for any health issues there is no better place to go.

    We flew his wife in from texas the same day.

    Driver was released from shock trauma the same day and actually walked around the baltimore building talking to everyone where he was treated like a celebrity.

    He and his wife were taken out to dinner at a local restuarant known for their monsterous sized crab cakes

    put up in a nice hotel in downtown baltimore

    and flown back to texas the next day with first class seating.

    What a crazy 24 hours.

    Just when I think I've seen it all something else happens that I never thought I would see.

    Brings up a question though. Has any other UPS driver ever been shot while working or does baltimore have the dubious distinction of having the first one.
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    We had a mailman a few years back in Snellville,Ga..shot 7 times and lived while delievring mail to a house.I think he's back working but will always have some internal problems..
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    Best wishes to that ups man, our employees are faced with different situations on a daily basis. I have been in some pretty sticky one's myself with customers.. Hope they caught the one responisable.
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    Thanks for the info Tie.

    Happy to know he is OK.

    Props to UPS for stepping up!

    Now that I know he is OK, I have to say. Dang Raven fans are hard on Cowboy fans!
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    Maybe they thought he was a steeler fan. Shock Trauma UMMC in Baltimore is the best in the world. Best wishes to him and his family.
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    I would like to thank the folks in the Baltimore Hub who stepped up and took care of this driver and his wife. :thumbup1:

    Something like this could happen to any of us, there are too many crazy people out on the road. I hope they catch the shooter and put him away for a long time.
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    (There was an Akron Oh Mail lady shot in the head by a stray bullet, and died, 2 summers ago, 28 yrs old.)

    But I havent heard of any UPS drivers in this area, although one was stabbed a number of years back, and drove himself to the hospital. But there was a rumor going around that he did it to himself? He no longer works at UPS.
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    He was looking for company
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    Sounds fishy to me! He probably wasn't following the methods.

    This was avoidable!
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    A few years back someone took a shot at a driver,bullet entered the closed drivers door and exited the open passenger door.Bullet missed the driver,left :censored2: the size if a nickel.
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    A sup told me a story once of when he was a driver. It was the end of the day, and he was fueling his package car. He looked up and noticed :censored2: in the side. Turns out there was :censored2: in the other side, too ....... and :censored2: through every package in between.

    Scary if you think about it. Was someone aiming at him, or just the truck? I guess nothing ever came of it because he had no idea where it happened.
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    Back in the 70's during the independent truckers strike a feeder driver out of Pittsburgh was shot at on his way to an out lying center. The drivers window was shot out but the bullet missed him. I was at the center from another hub putting my load on the door when he arrived with the police escort! I think I called off the next day!
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    if i remember my history right, we had one shot and killed during the early days, reno, las vegas, somewhere around there.

    many off duty, but none that i know of in the last 40 years while duty.

    glad he is doing well, and kudos to brown for the way it was handled

    rocket, been sniffin some fuel lately?

    paid, not like you........

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    I would like to know how that accident is avoidable?! how can u avoid someone shooting at you. especially when they are crazy. i know who was in the truck and all i have to say is that he is a very brave man. I dont understand why people can be so rude and negative. If you were in that truck do u think that u can dodge 3 or 4 bullets coming at you because someone is having a bad day and they feel like takin it out on u. :angry: maybe some people should think about what they would do if they were being shot at...
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    Dude, ever heard of sarcasm?
    I think you just got PUNKED!
    Or was it me???
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    why would you be sarcastic about that?