UPS employee missing

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    UPS employee missing - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    Vanessa Jordan-Henry knew something was wrong when her brother failed to return home to care for his two dogs.

    Orlando Jordan, 39, isn’t a man who would walk away from his family, his job or his house with no warning, his sister said. But leaving the dogs without any care convinced her something had happened to him. “There’s no way my brother would go anywhere, and not take care of these dogs,” Jordan-Henry said, of the 6-year-old pitbull terriers, Desert and Eagle.
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    I think he left for another women!
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    OK, that's just pathetic !!
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    What a truly stupid remark!!!
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    I agree,there's always some ding dong who has something stupid to say!this man could be dead and your making jokes....:biting:
  6. I really hope that they find Orlando alive and well. This is devasting to him family. His story needs to hit the local television stations, like other missing persons have.