UPS Employees Say They Were Forced to Lobby Against Fed Ex

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    UPS Employees Say They Were Forced to Lobby Against FedEx - Washington Post

    In an increasingly bitter Washington battle between the nation's two largest shipping companies, some unionized UPS workers say they are being forced to write letters to their lawmakers in support of more stringent labor rules for arch rival FedEx.

    Officials with UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents 240,000 UPS drivers, acknowledge that the company has paid for workers' time to pen many of the letters and has supplied the envelopes, paper and stamps needed to mail thousands of them to Congress. UPS spokesman Malcolm Berkley said the effort was "totally voluntary, and any allegations to the contrary are ridiculous."

    Now FedEx officials are bristling at the UPS letter-writing campaign, pointing to complaints from Scott and other UPS workers. "They are forcing us to write letters at our UPS center," one employee wrote on, a Web site independent of UPS. Another user wrote: "My System Manager told us 'this is not an optional activity.' I wrote the letters and still feel dirty."
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    Not at our center. We had a choice and I think that everyone should have participated. After all this is about continuing to grow as a company, which pays for our health, pension, just to mention a few. So don't bitch and be happy for what we have.
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    they did it in our center in lanham
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    We were forced here. I was told "than don't be a :censored2: team player." Unreal.
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    They paid u for time but told u what to write during the pcm, in mobile
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    I find it hard to beleive anyone would object to protecting their own job with a simple thing like writing a letter plus getting paid to do it and then complaining. My advice go to work for FEDX
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    I think that people are missing the real point here.

    First let me say that the Washington Post's spin is misguided and way off base. The real issue is not anything more than fairness and equality! Fed-Ex has had a free lunch and has cheated the American public out of millions of tax dollars for years. They have enjoyed an unfair advantage over UPS since they aqquired RPS back in the 80's. Simply put, Fed-Ex is not an airline but operate an air freight operation much like UPS. When was the last time you saw Fed-Ex deliver a package with an airplane? As long as I've been around they drive trucks just like I did when I was in package delivery.

    In the Post's haste to paint UPS in a negative light they failed to mention those employees who are 100% behind the Company's & the Union's quest to see that there is a level playing field in the package & freight delivery systems in this Country. I have happily signed on and would help anyway I can!

    What the Post also fails to mention is that there are thousands of Fed-Ex employees who are eager and willing to sign on as Union members to ensure a bettter life for themselves and their families. I saw this first hand in 1996 when Fed-Ex ressurected defunct language under the then Airport Reauthorization Act (spending bill) to classify themselves as "Express Carriers". It was a bad deal then and it still is a bad deal now.

    The Washington Post gets a big F- for this story.

    I know that our 2 U.S. Senators from Maryland support this legislation. I just hope there are 58 more (to stop a fillibuster) who will stand up for fairness & equality.
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    I don't mind trying to protect my job, but to be forced one week and laid off the next is pretty dirty.
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    "FedEx Express remains committed to putting our customers first and making sure Congress doesn't change the legal framework that is the basis on which FedEx Express created the air express industry," said company spokesman Maury Lane.

    As in, before our employees. Just like the way they put the shareholders' interests before the employees. What a great company.
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    Hawk780 No One in Particular made it into the Washington Post? That's pretty impressive Cheryl! Bad press for UPS, but still...
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    OldTimer is either a manager or has allowed himself to be blinded by the garbage spewed from the managers.
    Actually, it was in October 1997
    Actually, the freight and ground packages never go through any of FedEx Air's hands. FedEx Ground AKA RPS operates as a separate company. One has nothing to do with the other. Unlike UPS, where drivers deliver both Air and Ground packages.
    And there are thousands of UPS employees who would prefer to not be in the Union.

    Unions are there for one reason and ONE reason make money. There was a time when unions were a necessity, to protect the workers. But, not anymore. If there is a labor issue in a non-union shop, employees these days are very quick to file lawsuits.

    FedEx is a financially model company throughout the world. Can you name ONE other company that has been in business for 38 years and has NEVER laid off a single employee? Even in this economy, everyone from manager up to CEO has taken a pay cut to save money rather than lay off hourlys (hourlys pay wasn't touched). UPS's solution, lay off employees so the managers and above can keep there pay and bonuses.

    If a competing company comes to you and says you should do this or you should do that, it'll be a good thing for you. Would you believe them? Isn't a competitors job to put you out of business? UPS pushing Congress and the Senate to change FedEx's classification from RLA to NLRA, not to help FedEx employees, but to try and make more money for the Union and hopefully put FedEx out of business.

    Last, but most likely not least. It is ILLEGAL for anyone to pay anyone else to write their congressman/woman. Should this be found to be true, expect some big fines, not to mention the publicity nightmare it will cause.

    Have a nice day:happy-very:
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    I agree, if you want your secure job and all the perks we need FEDEX to compete by the same rules. Job security
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    I was told to write the letters but understood that I was not required to do so. However, I did it to keep myself under the radar and appear as a cooperative team player.


    I was asked to write the letters and paid to do so. I would have done the same even if I wasn't asked or paid...
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    Same in my center, asked & paid for 15 minutes work. I would have written the letters regardless. Fed ex want's it both ways, to be in fierce competition with us, but hide behind this FAA rule. I don't perceive it as fed ex employees either, I think it's similar to the ups crew who want to whine to the Post, merely a small percentage. We have to remember that the Post isn't different from a phony Hollywood movie, they are trying to sell a product, and they'll spin it that way. I believe that Fed ex isn't going to be our worry at this stage of the game anyhow. We both are in competition with an entity that doesn't have to run in the black, and still seems to have unlimited funding for rate raises, new facilities, and clever advertising that is well aimed at taking our shippers. All the while running in the red. So let's all pay our taxes, that way we can cut our own throats.:anxious:
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    I have worked for many Union and Non-Union companies.
    I can't imagine what UPS would be like without the Unions! Yes some Unions are better than others, and there are downsides to everything, like the people who use the Unions to abuse the company they work for.

    For example, The Automotive factory workers who where fired for legit reasons only to have the Union get their jobs back. "I personally don't agree with this". If you get caught stealing time after time, you should loose your job Permanently!

    Imagine what our pay, insurance and job security would be like without the Unions! The Non-Union companies that I have worked for would do things to people that would shock you, and they had no one to back them up.

    Some Unions are better than others, Local 396 is still the best union I have ever seen. The way they would protect you was bar non the best! a bit "old school" and extremely effective. You spoke, they reacted right away.

    Actually "correct me if I'm wrong" but Management has lost their bonus's and will not receive any pay raise. at least up to a certain level anyways.

    I believe UPS's intentions are solely for the company when it comes to the letters, Good idea, improperly implemented.
    We should have been informed and given the tools necessary to write and send the letters if we where so inclined to, on our own time.