UPS, FedEx subject of U.S. antitrust inquiry

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    UPS, FedEx subject of U.S. antitrust inquiry - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc and FedEx Corp are under scrutiny from the U.S. Justice Department over whether they broke antitrust law by trying to shut out bargain-hunting shipping consultants.

    The department is focusing on whether the two largest package delivery companies are working to prevent clients from using third-party shipping consultants and negotiators to save money, said Maxwell Blecher, an antitrust attorney representing shipping consultant AFMS Logistics Management.

    UPS and FedEx said they were aware of the investigation. The Justice Department declined comment.
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    LOL. Nice to see we can work together at times. Even if it is illegal.:surprised::happy-very:
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    I know a company that used this company and switched from one to the other and saved 100,000 a year in charges.
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    I am confused isn't this what FedEx Ground does now. I mean use third party to deliver its parcels to save money and get a competitive edge over UPS. Sounds kind of hypocritical
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    Fedex and UPS teamed up years ago to try to keep DHL out. Didn't work, but then again it didn't matter.