UPS Following Jarrett To MWR and Toyota

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wkmac, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. wkmac

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    I'd be surprised if UPS stayed in the sport beyond the 08' season and thus one major factor pushing this move. We leave same time Dale does. Also, the odds of RYR getting a good quality young driver to market against FedEx and IMO the excellent job Hamlin is doing is very slim. Staying with Jarrett especially through next season keeps the who plan in tact for the 100 years of UPS. JMO.
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    Haven't read the article, how much is "our" company pissing away on DJ this time?
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    Dale Jarrett and the "Race the Truck" campaign is simply a NASCAR sideshow. It provides comic relief for fans watching other drivers actually compete and sometimes win. While Brand Ex is coming on strong UPS is content at being an "also ran".
  4. retired2000

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    as much as i like dale, why follow a has been. also why sponsor someone that is going to drive jap crap!!!
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    Good point, Retired2000

    I wonder how the guys driving Chevys, Fords, and Dodges are going to treat a Toyota on the track. I bet DJ will get a few "love taps" by the other drivers as they pass him. He's great as an advertsement, but finishing way back in the pack doesn't cut it anymore. UPS needs a better, more aggressive driver. None of these articles mentions which race team will own the "88" number either.
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    The car numbers belong to their respective race team, so Robert Yates Racing will keep the rights to the number 88. That is unless Waltrip and Toyota attempt to buy the rights to the number for RYR. From what I've read, it is highly unlikely considering that number "88" is really the only thing going for RYR to attract a decent driver to replace DJ.
  7. wkmac

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    Personally, i think it will be interesting to see what DJ does over at MWR or anywhere else beyond RYR. RYR is in disarray and even Doug Yates freely admits this and why RYR has seen many internal personal changes. The only thing RYR has going for it is the engine program it's sharing with Rousch but the chassis and aero info return is either ignored by RYR or Rousch is giving up very little.

    DJ may be washed up as you say but the RYR organization was washed up under him before DJ himself went south.

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    Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota. They’re all the same. Each of those brand’s racecars begin life in the same fashion, as steel tubing and sheet metal formed to create a chassis and body. Once Nascar gets the “Car of the Future” (COT) fully implemented, all of them will look a like. The only difference will be a brand name decaled on the nose and tailpiece.

    I do find it interesting that Nascar rules require motor parts to be available through the manufacturers parts network. Example, anyone can go to GM Performance, Mopar Performance, or Ford Motorsports and buy the basic engine block and heads for the respective brands. Toyota however has no such parts available. The “Foreign” invasion of Nascar isn’t going to stop with Toyota, I look for Honda to enter the game in few years as well.

    Some have said Nascar should change their name to Cashcar. I agree, like anything else, follow the money.
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    I call it NAPCAR as the races for the most part are just excellent background noise for a nap on the couch.

    As to Honda, word is they are working behind the scenes on a pushrod motor with the thinking of following Toyota into NASCAR and it's not beyond the pale that is GM's financial situation doesn't improve or gets worse that they could leave the sport completely.

    NASCAR hasn't been stock cars since the mid-80's IMO when they started moving more and more into the advanced aero direction. Stock Cars at one time at least from the body configuration were just that, stock cars but 20 years ago they really became IMO NASCAR's old Modified division. Now I really have one beef with NASCAR and that is if they truly want to stay a "stock" car then ditch the carb and go fuel injection. And while we're at it, why not dump the pushrod and allow overhead cam. Now I know NASCAR is scared to death of the electronics in a fuel management system as it relates to potential cheating but I also think that fear is grounded more with respect to the American auto makes keeping tight controls on they percieved advertising cash cow. I'm hoping Toyota and then Honda coming into the scene will change that.

    Someone the other day at work was taking about they couldn't see a Camry on the racetrack but I told them sure you could. Place a Camry off the lot beside a Ford Fusion off the lot and then lot at the real differences. From the basic structure, there isn't any.

    Robin Miller, the open wheel guy on Speed, I think said it best when he pointed out that when Toyota entered the IRL, at first they played nice. After about 3 years they started pouring in the money to the point where the american makes left the series, leaving Toyota to rule the roost. Then Honda entered the fray and pushed out Toyota so that it's an all Honda series for all practical purposes. Robin's concern is he's seeing the same thing in NASCAR as he saw happen to IRL and personally I think he's on to something.

    As it relates to racing now for me, if it ain't on dirt, you won't find my butt in a seat! I wish Speed would have shown the USAC Speedway Silver Crown race from Kansas but USAC has their TV package with another network and it's on tape delay.
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    Compare the wing on the outlawed 69' Dodge Daytona
    and the wing on the COT

    Except for the height and the sidepod surface area being slightly less, it's almost a dead ringer IMO. Man would I love to see this beast come back especially if you could bring Pete Hamilton and Bobby Issacs with them!

    So you see, what we can cheatin' and outlawed today could become the standard of tomorrow. Why not just go the distance and make this the car of tomorrow!
    :thumbup1: :wink:
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    Juan Montoya leaving F1 and coming to Nextel with Gnassi. Watching press conference from Chicagoland on Speed.

    All I can say is WOW!

    Never saw this coming.

    As to Dirt or Asphalt, Ask Tony Stewart which is better and I'll let that stand right there.