UPS goes against tradition – outsider named to run its fastest-growing unit

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    UPS goes against tradition – outsider named to run its fastest-growing unit - FreightWaves

    The keys to UPS Inc.’s fastest-growing and arguably its most pivotal 21st century business have been handed to an outsider.

    Earlier this week, Philippe Gilbert took the reins as the first president of the company’s Supply Chain and Freight operation, one of the Atlanta-based company’s three business units. (UPS’ domestic U.S. and international package units have long had presidents.) Gilbert joined UPS from the German firm DB Schenker Logistics, where he ran its 10-country Americas region. He reports to COO Jim Barber, himself an odds-on favorite to be the next CEO of UPS should David Abney, the current chairman and CEO, retire later this year as many UPS-watchers expect.

    Gilbert was also named the twelfth member of UPS’ powerful Management Committee, which runs a company whose history and success have been forged by a management-by-consensus philosophy and a promote-from-within culture.
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    That what UPS needs. More yahoos who don't have a clue.
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    I worked on several Internet projects with various entities under the SCS umbrella and one issue was the lack of agreement within the SCS units on the goals, purposes and funding.
    Bringing all four of the SCS business units under one person should make them more focused on goals and efforts.
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    And under a German , this should work out all reich for UPS.