UPS-Greetings from Germany, DeutschKenntnisse?

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Michael Germany

Hallo liebe Kollegen aus den USA,
habe dieses Forum zufällig gefunden und dachte mir "frag doch mal nach" ob bei Euch ein Kollege auch Deutsch spricht? Kurz zu meiner Person:
ich heiße Michael und arbeite bei UPS in Düsseldorf (Germany) als Feeder-Fahrer.
Bin sehr neugierig ob ein Kollege darauf antwortet und dass in deutsch?!!!
Ein kollegialer Grüß aus Deutschland
nice Weekend Michael

Dear Colleague from USA,
Incidentally, I found out this Forum. For that, I want to know if there is somebody who can speak german because my english is not so good. My name is Michael and working by UPS in Düsseldorf (Germany) as a Feeder-Driver.
I`m very corious that a colleague can give me answer perhaps in german.!!!
Regards from germany..Have a nice weekend.. michael


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The language filter didn't work on this one! It was posted in another forum but I moved it here. How about it? Anybody fluent in German? I can remember back when UPS first started going to Germany, I think it was the first European country we started up service in.


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Now here is a neat website. You can type in English and it will translate to the language of your choice, using the tranlator feature

Ich spreche oder schreibe Deutsches, aber Willkommen nicht mit diesem Brett. Wie sind sehnen Sie sich gewesen mit UPS?


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I Spreche Deutsch, meine Eldren sind aus Herne.
I paid a visit to Germany and saw were the Herne hub is. It is actually located on the grounds that once was a coal mine Karl Der Grosse...the same coal mine many of relatives worked in. So my parents moved to the USA in 1951 and became citizens (After they learned how to speak, read and write English..they attended night school @ Olney High School). I was born here and started with UPS as a college student...(summer time job I thought) 30 years get the picture.
I love visiting the food and BIER!!


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In Duesseldorf bin ich noch nie gewesen. Ich hab doch ein Paar Monate in Berlin gewohnt, aber nie bei UPS in Deutschland gearbeitet. Hab viele UPS Fahrer gesehen trotzdem. Na, ich reise etwa oft in Deutschland, oder besser gesagt, nur wenn ich das Geld ausgeben kann. O, ich habe auch in Lueneburg gewohnt...war Studentin bei der Uni. In drei Wochen reise ich noch mal nach Berlin, um in ein Nine Inch Nails Konzert zu gehen.

Bist Du schon mal in die Staaten? und wie geht's bei UPS dort? Die arbeit muss doch aehnlich sein...

Mach's gut! schreib mal wieder!


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I read someplace that a couple was honeymooning in Germany. They stopped at a park and the woman was trying to attract a squirrel with a nut and called "Here squirrel, here squirrel" to which her husband replied, "He's a german squirrel honey, he doesn't speak english."


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Hallo, deutch ist moeglich.
Aber ich bin Hollaender.... kein amerikaner.
Gruesse aus die Niederlande...



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Willkommen zur Web site

Ich kann eine Spitze des Deutschen durchaus verstehen, aber spreche sie nicht gut.

Ich war in Deutschland geboren, aber wir umzogen hier in die Fünfzigerjahre.

Wieder Willkommen!


david cassin

i only hope that your german wage increase was better than the rubbish one we got here in ireland. i am cutting down on my tasks i use to do that shouldn't have been doing off my own back to and line our managers,supervisors pockets come december when our european head comes and gives them their nice bonus'es...while we get a skinflint box of chocolates worth about 5 euro as they (ups) buy in bulk
Hi everyone, My name's John and I'm the Unite Convenor at UPS UK.
David, what pay increase did you receive in Ireland? We obtained 4% in UK but it was a little more complicated than that because of us trying to harmonise the terms of conditions at UPS and Lynx Express, the Company UPS acquired in 2005.

Michael, to my shame I do not speak any other language. I am one of the UK representatives on the UPS European Works Council and this body is frustrated by the language barriers in Europe. I have tried these web translations and they can help to get the gist of things but are not very accurate for lengthy pieces.

I will contact a colleague in the netherlands and ask him to log on to this forum. He is the Dutch rep on Works Council but is German and the clever so and so speaks several languages.


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We had a young man from Frankfurt spend a few weeks with us last October. Luckily he spoke very good English. Sent us much chocolate at Christmas.