UPS Ground from Baldwin Park, California to Brooklyn NY

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    Just curious. I ordered a computer part from an on-line computer retailer in Las Vegas. They shipped it to Baldwin Park, California (LA) where it was sent out 1am in the morning on October 30th. How long to Brooklyn, New York/ Also do the cross-country ground routes have a pair of drivers on those big rigs? How many hours a day does a cross-country rig drive??

    I am a retired hospital worker been a union man all my adult life. Fought the bosses til the day I retired. Led a work stoppage in my radiology department 2 weeks before retirement. Screw the bosses and their capitalist system. Power to the workers!
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    Thanks for your inquiry. Do us a favor--look at the tracking number (1Z) of the package--what are the 9th and 10th digits? These two numbers are the service level of the package and will aid us greatly in answering your question.

    You can save the Norma Rae stuff for a different thread.
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    The 9th and 10th digits are 02
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    I haven't heard back from you. Is there a problem?
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    02 is a second day air. NORMALLY you would get it on the second business day . Hurricane Sandy has disrupted the whole system in your area. If it was shipped on the 31st, hopefully you'll have it today but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    Yeah--it's called work. I did call in this morning asking for the day off just to help you but my request was denied.
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    Our customers find this site.
    Let's respect our customers.
    They have no idea how exactly how our network works and how packages move.
    They also don't know how much damage resulted from Sandy and the storm surge.
    Please use a respectful tone and send our customers to

    All packages are important.

    However, right now, human life and the reduction of suffering is our first priority as a population and country.
    The sheltering of the cold, the feeding of the hungry, the search and rescue of the stranded and the recovery of human remains.

    Again, refrain from expressing your frustrations with the situation to our VALUED customer.
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    aj, did you read the whole thread before posting your sermon for the third time? The OP asked for help and then gave a union rant. Both BB and I tried to help. The OP became impatient. You're all caught up now. Dave.
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    You seem agitated.
  11. ajblakejr

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    The Norma Rae remark was short and rude.
    The OP was looking for a common item to show respect.

    Sorry my words upset.
    These are not easy days and I will always protect the customer.
    Our customers do not deserve the snarky responses and next time direct to for answers.

    Our customers, they know drivers in the brown package cars as courteous and helpful.
    Which is exactly what I respect about drivers like you and others on BC.

    And I had a package lost in the mix from Acreddo. Three month supply of Copaxone.
    It is scary when you know you can absolutely count on UPS to deliver temp sensitive meds and then they don't arrive.
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    That is strange it was definitely not 2nd day air. it was a standard ground shipment. By the way I thought this was a worker run web site.. I assumed it was pro union. I made NO rude remark. I was definitely NOT rude. So I don't appreciate the lamer with an attitude. Being anti-boss to fellow workers is NOT rude, it is a fact of life if you don't have your nose up the bosses' a---. Sorry if somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And thanks for the helpful advice. UPS has gone to the dogs. It's not the workers' fault but a management decision to push up short term profits at the expense of both workers and customers. Getting rid of experienced managers who know how to organize work and replacing them with disciplinarians is a foolish move.

    A class conscious worker
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    The browncafe is not affiliated with ups or thank God,by the teamsters union.
    We are diversified.Climb aboard,tell us how you feel.
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    aj, as you can see, I clearly tried to help the OP when I asked for the service level of the package. There was no need for the OP to include the union speech in his/her request for help. When the OP provided the service level and then asked if there was a problem I jokingly replied that I was at work and tried to get the day off to help but was denied. Your words did not upset but were unnecessary, especially on three different threads. We all know that if it were not for the customers none of us would be here. We also all know that there are priorities in life and somehow a package tends to have a low priority when some of us are wondering when the power will be restored, where our next meal will come from and where to find gas for our vehicles.
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    ROD!!! YouTube won't share that Norma Rae clip!