UPS Harassment and Workplace violence policies

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    if you have been the victim of verbal threats and intimidation by UPS Management please tell me your story thanks.
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    Is your middle name Integrity?
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    Not sure why everyone thinks its so funny but there is a huge issue with this going on right now, even with the economy coming back. I have seen good drivers, ones that would bend over backwards for this company, and who are being harassed right now to meet an allowance system that is not set up properly to reflect a drivers typical day. Routes are loosing time for no good reason and there is no explanation for it, nobody knows where the time goes...even center mgt. You get them out in the parking lot and they will tell you that its total bs but what are they going to do about it, "its out of our hands." Change the allowance to be able to run less cars, off set the 9.5 folks by changing the allowance, once volume goes up the allowance says you dont need those extra 5 cars...where does this really stop?? On the other side of the coin I see some mgt people working insane amounts of hours, and being harassed to harass their people..I dont think this is right either, does a supervisor really need to work 14 hours a day??? I know the economy has changed lots of thinking with many millions of businesses, but many are taking advantage of things IMO. For instance, does ups really need to consolidate areas right now, some felt like there were too many upper sups running around, but last quarter saw growth, this next quarter is projected to see growth, couldnt the company just hold on a bit longer especially since some of those folks were only a few years away from retirement. It wasnt like the only business that was nosediving was ups, hell look at fedex profits, or most other companies..It was a global thing. UPS knew things were going to get better. How do you all feel about this??
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    The consolidation will position us well as the economy rebounds.
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    UPS didn't lose * on this economical crisis. On the other hand they earned more revenue. Top guys will say they need to save, because there are no profits... lies, all are lies. I have not been a direct hit on terms of verbal threats, but I've seen a very hostile working environment, and have seen cases of verbal threats and terminations, some of which my coworkers didn't get their job back.
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    hey brown cafe..! here's my story.ive been with ups for 25yrs,6 of wich are part time. i have been harassed more this past year than ever. it starts in feb. to the recent inccident the other day wich is were i will focus on. i have been taking pictures with my personal camera because of the harassment and my need to keep records(writtin and visual). i have pictures of my package car wich was 5 feet from the center of a pole. no big deal right? my package car does not have power steering while the two cars on each side have a straight path out of the building and have power steering so i have to pull up and back twice just to get out every day,but thats just the small stuff. one day while taking pictures of driver follow-ups that were left out in the diad room on a desk for everyone to see, i left my camera. the next day i asked both driver supervisors if they had seen it and they both said no. our building manager was on vacation. i then waited till after the morning pcm to make an announcement about the up comming union stewart election and about my missing camera. my exact words were "i am missing a cannon camera and the driver sups dont have has some pics i took here at ups and some personal photos,if anyone finds it ,please return". the driver sups pulled me into the office and asked me what pics did i have and i told him with the remarks"i have nothing to hide". he then told me that i shouldnt have pics of ups without permision. he then made some phone calls and tells me im suspended pending an investigation. now i know that hes not going to do that without having proof of my pics wich means he has my camera. i then left and called the try and shortin this up, the policeman came out with my camera minus the sd card. so not only did the sups lie but they viewed my pics without consent.with this police report and the pics that i took,we (I) expect a great deal of coversation and expectation.
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    Hey speak_easy what state are you from? I remember when I first got hired UPS told me we weren't allowed to take any photos. I can understand why your upset but why take pics of your truck? To me, being behind that pole can be a good thing. Its another reason why your sporh is less than others.

    In my center the supes can't even talk to us about over allowance. Our union here "doesn't recognize over allowance numbers." As far as harassment goes everyone just needs to keep their cool and not saying anything stupid. I think its funny when we get managers from other states and they try to act like a real ball-buster. I've heard the words "I'm going to fire you" before but guess what? I'm still here. I have been driving for almost 7 years now and have had 8 managers. They come and go all the time. I have yet to hear a story of someone being fired for being slow. Always drive safely no matter how much longer it takes. Safety has precedence over Production.
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    Hello all, was browsing and read some of your replies to the harassment subject and felt it was necessary to reply myself. Morale throughout the company is down. "KingOfBrown" is wrong when he says ups didn't lose anything during this economic crisis. Ups, like most companies, lost a great deal of money during this crisis. Just think what the case would be if DHL hadn't stopped shipping domestically when it did. In order to survive and thrive in this crisis, ups had to make cuts. HR staffing was downsized and even contracted out to other companies. The whole management structure was completely remodeled, creating greater responsibilities for upper management, making accountability a major issue. But to make it easier to understand on a local level, stops per car rose, drivers and part timers are being held accountable more than ever. "But why are they trying to make my life so hard?," is something you probably ask yourself. It's not on purpose. The company really is losing money and though the goals are set and accountability is there, the goals aren't being met. It's true that management rides poor performing employees and at times don't treat there employees with dignity and respect, maybe the cause would be better served if management explained the intensity of the issue to its workforce. To be honest though, should they really have to? I make over $75,000 a year, I own my home, drive a brand new car, my wife stays at home to take car of our daughter, point is I don't know what I would do without this job. Where else can you go and make this kind of money for the work we do. Its frustrating to see drivers complain non stop about stop counts, load quality, bulk, etc.. We make an incredible living doing this, why not step up to the plate when the company needs us most. Why be a problem employee? We are payed well enough for you to give it your all when you go out there. Just think about it.
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    you have my vote for part time manager of the year,because its obvious you dont drive.
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    Sounds like one of those scripted PCM's we get because management is not allowed to think for themselves.
  14. and your job title is?

  15. and your job title is?
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    If you want to just shovel it on top of me it will cost ya another zero on the end of the paycheck. I`m kinky but expensive.
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    You sound like a management profit was up 14% last 1/4...your cryin to the wrong crowd....go study your policy book. There's a section in there related to integrity, but i doubt you'd understand it....

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    And we thought this thread was dead; just as we shoveled that last bit of dirt on cach, it arises and pukes.
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    'this facility is monitored with cameras and other surveillance' is what I see when I walk into work.

    That is not a one-way street, sorry.
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    First let me just say that I agree with you on one thing, we do make great money in this job, we should give it our all as you put it. I believe I do every day.

    However, I must disagree with you when you say the company is losing money now or that it lost money during the recent recession. That is simply not true.. fact is in spite of all the problems we as a driver group see every day the UPS system is really a pretty darn good cash producing machine! Proof is only a few keystrokes away; all of our financials are public record.

    Truth is, volume dropped off a bit, as one might expect during a recession. We went from entering 15 million new packages per day into the system to 14 million and change. During the worst quarter we only made a half a billion dollars profit after taxes vs. the same quarter the prior year where we made a whole billion. BUT WE STILL MADE A HALF BILLION. We did not ever LOSE money.

    I do complain about stop counts, load quality, and bulk when these things are causing my over allowed and forcing me to work 11 plus hour days. But I am not complaing to be "a problem employee". UPS is my company too. I complain to get these problems fixed. Sometimes things get fixed, sometimes they don't.. but nothing will get fixed if I don't complain and these things cost my company money.

    Believe me, I want a profitable UPS. And we have one. Now could I just get down to under 50 hours a week?