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    Young entrepreneur's lemonade stand makes a big social impact

    In 2012, 8-year-old Vivienne Harr set up her lemonade stand, attempting to raise $100,000 for organizations making an impact on worldwide child slavery; she accomplished her goal in 173 days. Two years later, she, her business partner and father, Eric Harr, and their team at Make a Stand, Inc. - a new certified b corporation - have grown her lemonade stand into a fair trade business dedicated to responsible business practices that benefit suppliers and customers while earning her a place on the global stage.

    "When I set up my lemonade stand, I knew that one person could make a difference," said Ms. Harr, founder. "Having companies like UPS make a stand with us means we can make a stand for even more kids." Like her business, Vivenne, now 10, has grown the past two years, and she is now a requested motivational speaker, a social media influencer (@vivienneharr, #standwithme) and an author, Make A Stand: "When Life Gives you Lemons, Change the World!"

    To kick off Small Business Week, May 12-16, 2014, UPS (NYSE: UPS) is partnering with Make A Stand and will donate one dollar to the Make A Stand Foundation for every bottle of the company’s branded "lemon-aid" sold from May 13 to Dec. 31, 20141.

    UPS provides Make A Stand, and thousands of other ambitious small businesses, tailored expertise and logistics solutions to help them achieve their dreams. As a result, Vivienne and Eric Harr can more easily pursue direct-to-consumer sales through the company's website and Vivienne can focus more time on the philanthropic mission.

    "Make A Stand started as more than a business, and we truly appreciate UPS's generous donation to our cause," said Mr. Harr, Make A Stand CEO. "With each bottle we sell, we help a child, and working with UPS helps us deliver our product and our promise."

    "Partnering with Make A Stand for Small Business Week recognizes the potential we see in entrepreneurs of all sizes," said Andrew Chang, UPS Small Business Director. "UPS is committed to building strong relationships with the small business community through new programs such as UPS CONNECT."

    UPS CONNECT is a program developed specifically with entrepreneurs in mind. Free access to dedicated resources and expertise, consulting support, exclusive offers and internet tools designed to save valuable time are all available at

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